How Is ArtResin Non-Toxic? When Is It NOT Non-Toxic?

How Is ArtResin Non-Toxic? When Is It NOT Non-Toxic?
How Is ArtResin Non-Toxic? When Is It NOT Non-Toxic?

ArtResin is one of only a few epoxy resin products on the market that doesn’t require any specialized warning labels stating that the product can be harmful to human health, animals, or even the environment. This means you don’t have to worry about long term effects, about your children getting in contact with it or about your pets ingesting leftover residue in an area where you’ve used ArtResin.

How is it possible that ArtResin is safe when used as directed?

ArtResin is an extremely pure epoxy resin formula made using a unique process. Unlike other brands who use solvents and cheap diluents to make their product, our formula uses only raw materials which ensures quality in all applications.

As a result, the chemical reaction will produce no off-gassing or VOCs into the air because everything has been effectively blended during production leaving nothing behind. We believe it’s best that your customers know there will be no harmful fumes or vapors causing health issues for them or their families as is common with certain types of home improvement products!

Prepare the epoxy resin and hardener in a 1:1 ratio. Stir them vigorously for three minutes. Wear protective gloves and work in a well ventilated area on this product, as it may irritate some people’s skin or provoke an allergic reaction if accidentally ingested. We are required to issue an ingredient declaration that outlines certain ingredients contained within this item (for more info, you can check out our label image here ). This is done because epoxy resin can cause irritation or even serious burns if it came into contact with your skin, so to play it safe we suggest wearing protective gloves for this project.

We here at ArtResin always ensure that customers use our products as directed since we don’t want any ill-fated accidents to occur to anyone who may use our product unwisely and end up inadvertently hurting themselves. Out of common sense, we mention that epoxy resin (the heart of what constitutes ArtResin) should never be eaten. We do this out of the kindness of our hearts to make sure those who might not possess perfect common sense on their own are fully reminded of this so no one will get hurt.

ArtResin’s Non-Toxic Status Can Change With The Addition Of Foreign Products

If an artist adds foreign products to Non Toxic Resin, this can alter its status. For example, the current trend of adding alcohol ink to resin certainly looks cool and colourful, however alcohol is a solvent so when artists add alcohol to ArtResin, the product can no longer be classified as non-toxic. Similarly, ArtResin is non-flammable in its liquid form when used as directed and we do recommend using an Artist’s Torch to pop bubbles.

If you are using ArtResin to craft candle votives, be sure to make sure that you apply a flame only in a downward motion. Holding the flame above an ArtResin surface or running it across the surface has the potential for causing flammability problems.

For these reasons we’ve developed ResinTint, our non-toxic and matchless colorant additive with anti-odor technology specifically engineered for use with ArtResin that prevents ArtResin from burning within its own container. This will help preserve the product’s non-toxic, non-flammable nature while being able to add beautiful coloration as well during production of your final product!

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