Smartphone Tools for Student Productivity: Balancing Study and Play


Smartphones are a part of the everyday life of a student. They are used for research, communication, entertainment, and even running entrepreneurial projects. It comes with apps that can help students to manage their time, find resources for tasks, and relax after a tough day in class. 

While smartphones are helpful, they also present with the danger of addiction. Too much time on the phone will reduce your productivity. Luckily, the phone comes with features that can help you to remain productive. You can also adopt behaviors that will improve your productivity.

Develop healthy habits 

Addiction to smartphones is a habit developed over time. The best way to handle it is reversal of the negative habits and reinforcing the positive ones. Monitor when you use your phone and the habits that result in excessive use. 

Some of the healthy smartphone use habits include using the phone only where necessary. If you have nothing to do on the phone, place it on the table. Use a profile that will alert you in case you receive a message or someone calls. Keep it away when you have serious assignments to attend to. Switch it off in places where you have been asked to. Such habits allow you to control the phone instead of it controlling you. You will build a healthy relationship with it. 

Use productivity apps

The smartphone allows you to download numerous apps. Some of these are productivity apps that will help you to focus on your tasks. You can get research papers for sale online and avoid having to spend your entire day in the library or stuck on your desk. Download writing services apps and order your paper online,, or you can order the paper at

Other productivity tools help you to block unnecessary notifications, monitor your time usage, and automatically answer queries until you complete a task. Diary apps and homework planners are also accessible through the smartphone. Use such tools to make your studies easier. 

Use apps for your academic work 

Download apps for your academic work. They help you to complete homework faster, resulting in better grades. By completing assignments faster, you can attend to more tasks. Entertainment apps also help you to relax. While you relax, you will resume work energized, therefore, attain your study goals easily. 

Monitor your usage 

One of the ways to achieve balance is to monitor usage. There are apps that will help you to track the time spent on each app. You can determine whether the time was worthwhile. Such statistics will help you to adjust and avoid addiction. 

Take phone breaks 

Learn to stay for hours or a day without the phone in your hands. Switch it off or allow it to call without responding until you complete a task. Use voicemail to alert callers that you are busy. Go for a walk without the phone or keep it in another room until you complete the task. You avoid overdependence on the phone. 

A smartphone will boost your productivity by allowing access to apps and easing communication. However, you must monitor your usage to avoid poor habits. Take a break once in a while to wean the hands and body of the phone.


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