How to make money from video games

money from video games

Do you love playing video games? What if I told you that you could make money by playing them? Sure, you’re not going to get rich overnight. But there are plenty of ways to make extra cash by doing what you love in every game you love, not just Sloto Cash games.- money from video games

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Live streaming

If you’re good at playing video games, why not share your skills with the world? Live streaming is a growing phenomenon, and there are plenty of platforms where you can do it, such as Twitch and YouTube Gaming.

You only need a decent internet connection and a webcam or capture card for your gaming setup. Then start streaming your gameplay. Viewers will often donate money to support their favorite streamers, which can be a great way to make some extra cash.

Let’s Play

Another popular option for making money from gaming is creating “Let’s Play” videos. These are basically like walkthroughs, but with commentary from the person playing.

Again, YouTube is an excellent platform for this. You can also make money from ads that run before your videos. And if you build up a large enough following, you may be able to get sponsored by brands or companies who want to reach your audience.

Game testing

If you’re lucky enough to live near a game development studio, you may be able to get paid to test new games before they’re released.

This is a great way to get your foot in the door of the gaming industry. And you can sometimes snag some free games too!

Game design

If you’ve got a creative flair, you could try your hand at game design. Plenty of online tools make it easy to create simple games, such as Sploder and GameMaker Studio.

Once you’ve made a game, you can sell it on platforms like or GameJolt. Or you could even submit it to indie game festivals like IndieCade or the Independent Games Festival.

Be a gaming journalist

Do you love writing about games? There are plenty of ways to make money from your passion. You could start a gaming blog or YouTube channel. Or you could write game reviews for sites like Gamingbolt or The Koalition.

There are several ways to make money from video games, but one option is to become a gaming journalist.

Gaming journalism is a field that covers reporting and writing about video games. As a gaming journalist, you would write articles, reviews, and previews about video games for magazines, newspapers, websites, or other publications.

To become a gaming journalist, you must have strong knowledge of the video game industry and good writing skills. You will also need to be able to work well under deadline pressure.

If you’re interested in becoming a gaming journalist, you should start by familiarizing yourself with the industry and reading as much as you can about video games. You can also try getting involved with a gaming website or blog or start your own.

Once you have some writing experience, you can begin pitching article ideas to editors at publications where you would like to write.

Sell your in-game items

You could sell them for real-world cash if you’re good at acquiring in-game items. This is especially common in games with “loot boxes,” such as Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

There are numerous websites where you can sell your items, such as, OPSkins, and Gameflip. Just check the terms of service for the games you’re playing first, as some prohibit selling items for real money.

Compete in tournaments- money from video games

If you’re a competitive gamer, you could make money by entering tournaments. You can enter all sorts of gaming competitions, ranging from small local events to major international ones.

Just quickly search online to find out what’s happening in your area. Or you could check out E-Sports Earnings and Cyber Sports Stats to see how much prize money is up for grabs in different tournaments.

Be a professional gamer

Believe it, and you can make a living by playing video games. Professional gamers earn a salary from their teams, as well as from sponsorships and prize money. Of course, it’s not easy to become a professional gamer. You need to be highly skilled and have a lot of dedication. But if you think you have what it takes, it could be worth giving it a shot.

Invest in gaming stocks

If you’re looking for a more passive way to make money from gaming, you could invest in gaming stocks. This involves buying shares in companies that are involved in the gaming industry.

Some big names in the business include Electronic Arts, Activision Blizzard, and Sony. Just remember that stock prices can go up and down, so don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.

Contact Potential Sponsors

If you’re a fan of video games, you might be wondering how you can make money from them. While there are several ways to do this, one option is to Contact Potential Sponsors.

Several businesses may be interested in sponsoring a video game player. This can include companies that make gaming hardware, software, or accessories. It can also be businesses that are related to gaming, such as energy drink companies or online retailers that sell gaming merchandise.

To find potential sponsors, you can start by searching online. You can also contact your local gaming store or convention to see if they know of any businesses that might be interested in sponsoring a video game player.

Once you’ve found some potential sponsors, you’ll need to reach out to them and pitch your idea. Explain why you think they would be a good fit for sponsoring you and include information about your gaming skills and accomplishments.

If you can secure a sponsorship, be sure to follow through on your end of the deal. This means promoting your sponsors’ products or services and keeping them updated on your gaming progress. By doing this, you’ll not only build a good relationship with your sponsors, but you’ll also increase your chances of receiving future sponsorships.


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