How to pick a suitable wedding photographer


Apparently, a cheap wedding photographer is a poor wedding photographer. This myth has long since been debunked. It’s also true that a good wedding photographer knows its worth. How to choose a Rome photographer who will take great photos and at the same time fit into your wedding budget?

It is worth making the decisions about choosing a wedding photographer emotionally and rationally. When you look at his photos, you have to feel “this something”. There is to be a pop, they are to be heavy. After all, he will make you an epic memento for a lifetime. What about these logical issues? When choosing a wedding photographer, consider the following:

  • Opinion about wedding photography. In the times of the Internet, where there are many fake accounts, it is hard to determine which opinions are true and which are only artificially created for the purposes of marketing. Surely the matter is simple. Better that they are there than they are. Check out his website, business cards on wedding portals, social media profiles and see who comments on his wedding photos and how. Word-of-mouth marketing is a very valuable resource for you.
  • Location of the wedding photographer. Location matters when it comes to the photographer’s costs. Most offers usually include commuting, but commuting within a certain distance. Statistically, above 100 km from his place of residence, he starts to add additional fees for kilometres, then there may also be surcharges for accommodation, which can significantly increase the price of the package. If you want to reduce your expenses, focus on wedding photographers from your and neighbouring provinces.
  • The price of the wedding package What is included in the photographer’s package? The most common additions are engagement sessions, an outdoor session on the wedding day / other day, photo albums, personalised flash drives, printed photos.
  • Website with a wedding photo gallery If, on the other hand, you do not care about some accessories, and they are originally included in the wedding photographer’s package, it is worth asking if the abandonment of individual elements also reduces the price. Thanks to this solution, you can afford a “better photographer” without spending more on him than you planned.
  • Wedding photographer’s experience and skills. There is an element that is difficult to assess, especially if we do not know the art of photography privately. Good marketing for a photographer can cover up his average skills, and sometimes vice versa. We see a high price for wedding photography and do not realise that it comes from vast experience and skill. It is worth using the opinion of friends. Look among your relatives or look for someone who is a hobby / professional photographer. When sending a few photos of the photographer, ask for an opinion on his photos. This may be a good lead for someone to realistically assess whether the photographer’s price is due to his skills.
  • Contract with a wedding photographer. There is nothing worse than signing a contract. You probably also know this pain very well, when on the desk in front of you there is a 5-page contract written in a tiny font, which contains dozens of points, of which you understand so little. Ask him to send you the wedding photographer contract template for viewing in advance. This will allow you to check how professionally he or she approaches his work, and at the same time, it will give you the comfort that he has nothing to hide from you. Receiving a template of a wedding contract does not mean you sign it, it will only give you peace of mind to make sure that there are no hidden tricks.


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