How To Record A Phone Call

How To Record A Phone Call

You are about to make a critical phone call. Would you like to record it to be able to listen to it again at a later time? But you can’t find a suitable function on your smartphone? Well, that’s normal. Most of the phones currently on the market do not integrate call recording functions. However, know that it is possible to do this by resorting to some beneficial third-party solutions. Which? I’ll tell you right away. In this article, we will give you a complete guide about how to record a phone call?

Suppose you dedicate a few minutes of your free time to me. I can explain how to record a free phone call using some apps. They can record audio on the call (both your own. That of your interlocutor) in a rather simple way. Usually, the basic functions of these apps are free. But to access all the functions and get more freedom of action, you need to purchase their full versions. In other cases, however, it is possible to test their features for free for a short time. Then you have to subscribe to their Premium version.

Do all clear? Then I would say not to waste any more time chatting and getting to work immediately. Yup? Very well! Make yourself comfortable, take all the time you need to concentrate on reading. The next paragraphs and try to put into practice the indications I am about to give you. So as not to have problems in completing your technological “enterprise” today. I wish you happy reading, and I wish you big good luck with everything!

Preliminary information

Before getting to the tutorial’s heart and seeing how to record a free phone call, let me provide you with some preliminary information that you need to know properly. Use the apps listed in the next chapters.

First of all, to know that, despite what one might think. Recording phone calls (even without the knowledge of whoever. Is on the other side of the handset) is not a crime. The law, in fact, prohibits the dissemination of such conversations and not their recording.

With that clarified, let me show you some free (or, in some cases, semi-free) apps to record phone calls. I already tell you that, to use them, you don’t need to unlock root permissions on Android or jailbreak iPhone. In short: there is no need for any particular configuration, so ban the chatter and let’s get started!

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How to record a free phone call on Android

Let’s start by looking at some apps to record a free phone call on Android. Below, I’ll show you the operation of a couple of solutions that I think can be right for you!

One of the best apps to record phone calls on Android is  RMC: Android Call Recorder. Haven’t you ever heard of it? Don’t worry: we’ll fix it right away. It is a 100% free application that works optimally on all devices equipped with the green robot system. Even if on some devices, the interlocutor’s audio may have a not very high volume and/or be a little ‘”muffled.”

After installing and starting RMC: Android Call Recorder on your smartphone, tap the Allow button and then press the Allow item three consecutive times: in this way. You will grant the app all the permissions it needs to work properly.

Now, tap on the button (≡), which appears to be located in the upper left corner. Select the words  Settings from the menu that opens sideways, on the left, and then presses on the Recording item. Therefore, make sure that the checkmark is placed on the Activate Service option  (if not, check the option in question yourself), and that’s it. From this very moment, RMC: Android Call Recorder will automatically record all the calls that will be made on your smartphone. Convenient, right?

When a phone call is finished, you can listen to the recording made directly from the application. How can you do it? You have to tap on the board organized not, the main app screen, press on the name of the recording, then tap on the button  Play, the menu that pops up.

Call recorder

With over ten million downloads and an evaluation of 4.3 out of 5 based on a million reviews, Call Recorder (also known as Automatic Call Recorder ) stands as a reference point for recording Android free calls and no root. We install the app from this link and wait for the download to end, then we start it with a tap on the Open button.

In the beginning, the window appears when the system asks you to agree to the terms of use and the privacy policy (tap Accept ). You need to tap on the Grant permissions button to allow the app to detect calls and record audio on the next screen. For the four warnings that follow, tap Allow four consecutive times.

At this point, you have access to the main screen of the app (called Recordings ). The recordings of incoming calls and those saved are entered; before recording a phone call, check that the settings are to your liking. Then tap the menu icon on the top left and select Settings.

The new screen that appears shows all the available options of the app. By default, call recording is enabled. To change the settings relating to the call record, press the Registration tab. If we deselect the toggle next to Default configurations, we hcanaccess the Method and Audio Source options.

In particular, for Audio Source, you can choose between the following possibilities: Mic, Voice Call, Voice Communication, Camcorder, Voice Recognition, Voice UpLink, and Voice DownLink. The other options are 3GP, AAC, MP4, and Wav.

How to record a phone call on android

Another essential command is the Volume section (the default value is zero). A higher audio level will result in a higher recording volume. A similar option is also available by moving the toggle next to Record Volume from left to right (ON position).

We also suggest evaluating the Auto Speaker feature.  With the loudspeaker active, in fact, the chances of correctly listening to the person’s audio.

Returning to the Settings screen of the app, we now open the Cloud tab. Through which we can choose the cloud storage service to use to keep the recorded phone calls. Two options are available: Dropbox or Google Drive (recently joined by Google One ).

If, for any reason, we do not want to take advantage of the Cloud Storage option. Within the Archive tab, you have the opportunity to view the destination folder of the recordings made by the app.

Also, from the Archive tab, we can decide how many recorded telephone conversations. We wish to keep inside the Inbox folder by tapping on Inbox Size and selecting a number between 5 and 300 (for higher values, 500 and 1000, the paid app).

We are now ready to record our first Android phone call. From the address book, we select any contact and start the call. Also, if we have previously activated the automatic speaker option, it will activate itself.

How to record a free phone call on iPhone

If you want to record a free phone call on the iPhone. Know that various apps are suitable for the purpose: let me describe how a couple of them work.

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The first app I suggest you try is  TapeACall, which is really simple to use and works pretty well. It can be used free of charge for 7 days, after which you have to take out a subscription, which starts at 4.99 euros/month. Before describing how it works, it is my duty to inform you that, at the time of writing, the app is not supported by the Vodafone operator and that for some operators, such as TIM, the activation of the conference function is required (an operation that you can do by contacting the operator ).

If everything is clear to you up to now, let’s proceed: after installing and starting TapeACall on your “iPhone by,” tap the I agree on the button, write your mobile number in the appropriate text field, press the Next button, and wait for the receipt of the ‘SMS containing the verification code. Write the code in question in the appropriate text field and press the Continue button.

Now, select the type of subscription you prefer to subscribe between annual and monthly and tap the Start registration button.  Then press on the country of your interest (e.g., Italy ) and move the switches’ levers in correspondence with the words. Allow notifications and Access contacts to ON. To authorize the app to send you notifications and access your address book (to do so, you must also tap on the Allow and OK items that appear on the screen). At this point, tap the button Play and read the tutorial on how the app works.

Call recording

Call Recording is another app to record phone calls on iPhone that I recommend you try, especially if, for some reason, you couldn’t use TapeACall.

After installing and starting Call recording on your “iPhone by,” put the check mark next to the wording  I accept, in correspondence with the item Terms, then press the green button  Continue (to accept the conditions of use of the service) and, in the screen that opens, tap the Subscribe now button, to start the three-day free trial, confirming the operation with the Face ID, Touch ID or password of your Apple ID.

Now, enter your mobile number in the text field you see on the screen and press the Next button. Then write the confirmation code you received in the appropriate text field and tap first on the Continue button and then on the Continue, OK, and Done buttons, to grant the app the necessary permissions to function correctly.

You simply have to press on the Dialer tab (if necessary), dial the number of the recipient you call, and press the green handset icon to start the call. Instead, to record incoming calls, answer the received phone call, start Call Recording, and press the Press to record button.

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How to Record iPhone Phone Calls

One of the best apps for recording iPhone calls is called TapeACall Pro. As the name suggests, this is a paid application. The cost to be incurred at the beginning is € 11.99. To then access the unlimited registrations, you need to take out an annual subscription of € 29.99.

Important: Vodafone Italia does not support the TapeACall Pro application. Furthermore, to function correctly, it requires the activation of the service relating to group conversation (three or more people). For example, for those who have a TIM line, they must activate the TIM Conference service by contacting the TIM Customer Service. In this regard, we have already explained how to talk to a TIM operator.

After downloading the app, let’s proceed with the installation and then try recording a phone call on the iPhone. First, you have to start a phone call immediately after opening the TapeACall Pro application and touching the record button.

Now let’s go back to the phone call screen and tap the Join button to allow the app to record the call. Registration begins as soon as the Conference appears on display. At the end of the conversation, the recording’s audio file is automatically stored in the dedicated section on the main screen of the app (the play icon ).

To listen to the recording again, press on the desired audio file. We remind you that the Pro version of the application allows you to record phone calls on the iPhone without limits of time or quantity so that you can keep an unlimited number of files and any duration.

Is recording phone calls legal?

Many wonders if it is legal to record phone calls on Android or iPhone. In this regard, there is no single answer. Under the law, recording another person without their knowledge is not a crime as long as the conversation is not disclosed to the public later.

Therefore, the apps reviewed in our tutorial are legal and do not harm the person’s privacy, even if they are not aware of the registration in progress.

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