Is it Worth 6 Sigma Certification?


When individuals are looking for ways to improve their career prospects, they often turn to further education, degrees, experience and certifications. For many people, pursuing Six Sigma certification will be at the top of their list of goals. A six sigma certificate is worth it, however, it is important to ask.

How to Get Six Sigma Certification

The first things to consider when deciding whether you want to get Six Sigma certification are the amount of work, cost, and time it will take. This all depends on the level of certification required. For many people, a yellow belt would be a great place to start. This does not require much time, money or effort. As you move up the line of testimonials, it becomes progressively difficult. Options include Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt.

To achieve the black belt, one must complete two major Six Sigma projects and pass challenging exams. Generally, this will take at least three years to complete. A Six Sigma Master Black Belt can take much longer than in many cases.

Is certification worth it?

Given the fact that achieving such certifications can take quite a while, one should really ask themselves whether it’s worth it. For most people, the long-term benefits far outweigh the challenges they will have to overcome to become certified. These benefits usually include promotions, extra costs, and more opportunities. Many companies don’t even consider potential applicants for high-level management positions unless they hold at least a green or black belt Six Sigma certification.

Another thing to note is that, unlike many types of certifications, Six Sigma certification courses actually allow you to learn many skills related to strategy. This means that as one continues towards their certification goals, they continue to be of more value to their company and other potential employers.

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