Laravel For B2B – Is It the Right Choice To Make?


Let’s admit it! Laravel is one of the most straightforward PHP frameworks in the IT world. The developer community and IT industry are in awe of its seamlessness, security, and viability. No wonder why this web framework is behind the nearly 744,615 live websites. 

Google Trends also indicates it as one of the most loved frameworks in the world. Some notorious websites like Alison, WorldWalking, Invoicing Ninja, and so on are built using this framework. 

In this post, we will talk about its utility for B2B businesses and why they must hire Laravel developers immediately. 

Laravel – A Game Changer For B2B Businesses 

Laravel, as we all know, is a world-famous MVC-based PHP web development framework preferred when businesses need a custom web application. 

The framework aims to streamline customized web application development by integrating the entire process and resources. All the in-built libraries of Laravel make caching, routing, authentication, testing, and other mission-critical application development processes seamless. 

As it doesn’t cause any hindrance while you use other programming languages, frameworks, and their in-built elements with it, development is often quick and error-free. Its integration suite is vast and supports almost every crucial aspect. 

That was Laravel’s significance in general. What does it offer for B2B businesses? Why use Laravel for B2B businesses? Let’s explore. 

In any B2B partnership, one business’s service delivery will impact another’s performance and utility. There is a severe co-dependency at every stage. Gladly, Laravel possesses certain traits that make it an ideal web application development framework for B2B businesses. 

  • Seamless migration 

B2B businesses often need database migration, and Laravel is perfect for this. It offers a highly integrated migration system on PHP. The migration system supports the development of bases, indexes, and tables. It enables developers to initiate a new migration request in case of table column changes. 

  • Powerful authentication facilities 

Multiple people often handle a B2B solution at a time. If its security is not top-notch, things will mess up big time. With Laravel, safety is the highest possible level as it supports authentication and authorization. 

It saves passwords as a hash and uses BCrypt to secure them. It even provides in-built protection against SQL injections. All in all, the security and authentication are non-compromised here. 

  • Create a responsive supplier microsite  

For B2B e-Commerce platforms like Alibaba, IndiaMart, and Eworld Trade, Laravel helps one to develop a well-organized supplier microsite. Using the microsite, B2B suppliers and vendors can display crucial information in a centralized place and seamlessly throughout the buying/selling process. 

  • Better order management 

Laravel for B2B e-commerce development infuses specific capabilities that optimize order management demands. For instance, businesses can display the stores and products based on the pin code and locations.

You even create specific URLs for every location-based store. Bulk order purchase is possible. One can set up the CCAvenue payment gateway, manage multiple subscription plans for vendors and advertisers, and do many more things. 

  • Prioritize messages in the queue 

As a B2B tool or technology, a web application should respond to urgent and priority messages first. Laravel framework enables developers to set message priorities and react quickly to urgent ones. 

  • Websites with great performance 

Laravel is preferred over any other framework because of its excellent in-built catching capabilities, resulting in better speed. The framework is committed to developing web applications with great speed. Hence, it adopts techniques like database indexing and memory use. These two processes make it easy to enjoy high speed without compromising SEO. 

Laravel For Rescue 

Indeed, Laravel is a consider-worthy PHP framework to use for B2B projects. It features every possible capability that B2B web applications require. For instance, improved security, enhanced collaboration, instant messaging, and so on. 

As you plan to adopt the Laravel framework, we recommend you hire Laravel developer from a trusted service provider. The in-house team becomes hand-tied as technology and trends continue to grow. 

But, hiring or outsourcing Laravel developers ensures that you have a need-based, modern, and skilled team at work. Without being involved in the tedious hiring and onboarding process, hiring/outsourcing Laravel developers promise you quality service delivery. 

This is a viable option when there is an urgent need for a web application, as getting started is easier this way. 

Bacancy is a leading Laravel resource provider that businesses of all sorts can rely upon. With seasoned and dedicated Laravel developers, you have your hands on optimized, better performing, secured, and collaborative B2B web applications and solutions at a justified expense. 



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