Important Points to Note before Choosing an IT Recruiter

IT Recruiter

Companies are constantly in search of skilled employees that can make positive impacts in their establishment. To achieve this, they sometimes outsource the recruitment of new employees to IT recruiters who ensure that they get promising candidates who will become innovative employees. An information technology (IT) recruiter helps companies and organizations hire employees for available IT positions. A good IT recruiter is constantly looking out for candidates who are unique in specific fields that an employer desires. Some of these fields include technical expertise, programming skills as well as database monitoring.  IT recruiters can work independently or can sometimes be a part of a firm’s HR department. They usually have a large database of skilled candidates that are used to fill vacant positions. They also give prospective employees updates on employment procedures on behalf of the recruiting company. In this article, we will discuss some of the important points to note about Choosing an IT Recruiter. Please read on as we explain more.

Responsibilities of IT Recruiters

The following are some of their responsibilities:

Sourcing Candidates

When contracted, they work towards attracting applicants or reaching out to qualified candidates personally through social networking sites like Linkedln. The goal here is to get the best for the recruiting company.

Screening Candidates

Academic qualifications aren’t enough for recruiters to conclude that a candidate is qualified for a position. Recruiters have the responsibility of screening candidates to ensure that they meet the employer’s job requirements. They also check the candidate’s suitability for the company’s culture.

The essence of doing this is to ensure that the company is not hiring a candidate who may not fit into their system.

Arranging Interviews

Candidates that scaled through the initial stages of recruitment will be scheduled for an interview where they will be assessed physically and mentally. This stage also involves staff from the recruiting company as they have to be present during the interview to assess the candidates.

Arrangement of Compensation Packages

An IT recruiter explains in clear terms the company’s compensation packages to prospective employees. They also help in negotiating for better benefits and salary.

Now that you have an idea of the responsibilities of an IT recruiter, it will be ideal to know how to find one.

How to Find a Good IT Recruiter

The following are some tips to help you find a good IT recruiter:

Check Job Boards

One effective method job seekers use to find a good recruiter is to check posts on job hunt sites. Although some posts are made by recruiting firms themselves, most companies often outsource this responsibility to recruiters. When checking job boards, ensure that you pay attention to relevant information such as the title and names of the posters.

Recruiters often identify themselves so job seekers can differentiate them from hiring firms. They usually include titles such as staffing agent, employment agent, senior recruiter, and search professional. When you find such tags, it is an indication that the post was made by an agency.

If you need tips on how to know which sectors are hiring, you can check here.

Link with Agencies

When you are job hunting, you can check for local agencies that will link you with a recruiter they have a working relationship with. Some recruiters specialize in a given field while others are multidimensional in their services to clients. It is recommended that you specify what you need when you approach a recruiter to ensure that you are not linked with the wrong field.

Use Your Contact

Your friends or family members may have used the services of recruiters before. If this is the case then you may have to talk to them to make recommendations. They can link you up with a recruiter directly and this will make your application receive more attention since you are coming recommended.

Using your contacts is an excellent method to find an agent in your discipline that will prioritize your application.

Consult with Professional Groups

Recruiters usually join associations where they organize conferences that boost their recognition. If you belong to any professional association, you can search the membership directory to see if you have any recruiter as a member.

These are some tips to help you find a reputable recruiter. If you need more tips, you can search online. Additionally, if you are looking for ways to prepare yourself for employment, you can check here:


The importance of an IT recruiter cannot be overemphasized in the corporate world. If you find the right one, your chances of getting a job in available positions are high as most employers prefer to work with them directly. We have outlined the roles of IT recruiters in the corporate world and some tips to help you with finding the right one for you. Feel free to check them out.


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