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Before we dive into it, we need to understand what Poker is? It is a famous game of cards played between multiple players. Here they follow specific game rules and wager which hand is the best. At pocket52, you can get the best experience as it’s the real money poker app India.

About game

Initially, the game used to be played with 20 cards. Today a standard deck is used. However, some countries still use short packs. It can be of 32, 40, or 48 cards, respectively. The real money poker app India. may vary based on

  • number of cards used
  • if the number dealt is up or down
  • what is the deck configuration
  • what number do the players share

How it is played

Despite this, there is one or more than one round of betting in all games. If we talk about modern poker, the first round consists of one or more than one players making a forced bet. In the standard game, the player bet based on the estimated value of their hand when compared to other players. The game is played clockwise, in which the players have to match the previous bet or fold, losing whatever amount is bet. They also lose further involvement in the hand. The player who matches the bet has the option to increase it too. The round ends when all the players either fold or call the last bet. If except one player, all fold, then they can collect the pot without revealing their hand.

However, if there’s more than one player in disagreement, a showdown occurs. The players reveal their hands here, and the one with maximum hand takes the pot. The money is only placed during the initial forced bets. After this, the money is added if the player is trying to call bluff as their strategy or if they think it has a positive expected value. The result of any particular hand depends on the chance or luck. However, in the long term, the actions the players take are based on probability, psychology, and game theory. If a player is well versed in these three, their chances automatically increase. 

Is it legal in India?

According to the high courts of both Kolkata and Karnataka, the police authorities or legal enforcement cannot interfere in the game of poker. Using this statement, legal experts state that it implies that online poker is legal in India. 

What you get at Pocket52

If you are an online poker enthusiast looking for a platform to hone your skills, poker52 is your friend. Some of its highlights include

  • It assures safety and security and is a legal platform.
  • Over 10 lakh players trust this as skill-based gaming. This is a massive number and should assure the newbies.
  • The customer support team is available 24 hours over email, chat, and even phone calls. 
  • The withdrawal process is straightforward, and it assures instant withdrawal.
  • It uses tamper-proof technology to assure fair play

Join now if you want to get the whole experience of the real money poker app India.


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