The 5 Essential Historic Tours by Limos in Boston

Limos in Boston

The Freedom Trail was created in the 1950s to provide a means to allow Bostonians to protect their role as a major player in its role in the American Revolution. The trail is identified through a red line which is a part of the city and the Freedom Trail is a 2.5-mile urban walk that takes visitors to a variety of important Boston landmarks, such as The Boston Commons, and the Paul Revere House as well as the Benjamin Franklin Statue. If you have kids coming on the path, it’s the perfect method to involve them in American history in a firsthand way, through authentic examples of Boston’s role in America’s past.

U.S.S. Constitution

With the name “Old Ironsides,” this historical warship is a symbol of America’s past and the struggle for independence, since it played an integral part throughout the War of 1812. The Constitution was moored in Boston to serve as a symbol of America’s past Visitors can stroll along the Constitution’s decks in a guided tour, accompanied by active duty Navy crew members who are proficient in the history of the ship’s wartime.

John F. Kennedy Library and Museum

This remarkable collection of exhibits that document the presidency, life and the service of the 35th president of America is an excellent stop on a historical tour of Boston landmarks, not only due to his significance to American politics and history as well as the significance of his family to the rich history of Boston. The exhibits, which include photographs, videos, essays and even interviews with Kennedy throughout his lifetime are arranged according to the seasons. In addition, there are frequently guests speakers and events that are held in the library to broaden the historical and educational horizon of the library.

Old South Meeting House

The Old South Meeting House, situated on historic Washington Street, continues to be a symbol of American freedom of speech. Since the events that led to the Boston Tea Party in 1773 The Meeting House has served as an open space for discussions, and now hosts a museum that highlights many of the most significant moments throughout American history. It is a great place to visit. Meeting House offers tours every all year round along with a wide array of exhibits that are sure to entertain and educate the entire family.

Bunker Hill Monument

Bunker Hill served as the scene for one of the biggest battles of the American struggle for freedom. Bunker Hill was the site of one of America’s most significant battles. Bunker Hill Memorial has served as a symbol of the sacrifices made by Americans for freedom since 1794 before the present monument was built in 1842. The site is also accompanied by a museum that traces the history that took place during both the Revolutionary War and the Battle of Bunker Hill in 1775.


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