The advantages of watching TV

advantages of watching TV

In 2020, within the UK alone, the number of households who owned a TV stood at around 27 million households, which accumulates to 95% of homes. 18 million of these households use and enjoy Freeview, so you can understand the wide use of TV within the UK. From the first TV established in 1927, to smart TVs established in 2012, as the years pass by, individuals have become more and more hooked on the TV due to the advanced services it can now offer. Many people come home from work nowadays and simply turn their TV on immediately, as it is the norm to even have it playing in the background. It is no surprise as to why so many people have positive as well as negative views of these electronic devices, and the entertainment as well as distractions from them. We will discuss why there are several advantages of watching TV.


When the TV was first invented, the main purpose was to capture moving images however, many would say its initial purpose was to provide entertainment. Freeview TV services within the UK were launched in 2002, however, there have been a few times since then when viewers have been required to retune their Freeview box to update the service and provide them with extra channels including HD channels. If your Freeview box does require retuning, the professionals at aerialandsatelliteexpress would be able to help. With extra channels on Freeview TV, as well as over 300 channels available through Sky, there is a large option of entertainment services for the viewer to choose from, meaning that there is entertainment for all ages and genders. Movies, games, sports matches, and series are all easily accessible to the viewer at all times, especially now that streaming services are in high demand, so with the variety of options and genres, enjoyment is easily experienced through using the TV.  

Social aspects 

TV can always bring up a topic of discussion between all backgrounds. Although many believe that the advancements of the TV have navigated people to becoming more anti-social, we believe it has a reverse effect. Watching a show or series can allow you to strike up a conversation with someone you don’t have too much in common with, giving you both something to communicate about. This may even lead to arranging a meet-up to watch the show together causing further interaction. When TV series are broadcasted on live TV, this is a perfect opportunity for two friends or a group of friends to arrange to meet up to watch the episode with one another. Most frequently, a discussion is made throughout the episode and during the beginning and end. Therefore, it can be proven that one of the main advantages of watching TV is the social interaction resulting from entertainment.  

Information on the rest of the world

One of the advantages of watching TV is that wherever you are in the world, you can be made aware of other events and circumstances happening around the globe. This is controlled by several news channels that provide us with extra information and knowledge on our surroundings, keeping us educated on local and distant matters. Whilst the news provides us with influential and important matters, reality TV and documentaries also provide the viewer with an insight into other parts of the world. Viewers can witness the different lives of many through reality TV and documentaries, educating the viewer as well as providing them with entertainment. It is also proven that watching reality TV gives the viewer a touch of personal connection, as they watch real-life people directly in front of them. This means that those who choose to binge-watch several episodes in their own time, do not feel as socially excluded as they would watching a few fictional films that are out of touch with reality.   

Cheaper source of entertainment 

Whilst many games and electronic devices come and go, a TV is here to stay. Over the years, we have watched several devices hit their peak and they no longer serve many purposes on market or to the consumer. For example, DVD players, CD players, iPods, Gameboys, and Nintendo DS’. Consumers have likely spent a large amount of disposable income on devices that simply come and go. Depending on your brand of TV, experts recommend replacing a TV every 7-8 years however, many people can get much longer out of their TV but prefer to upgrade to the next best advancement in technology. Once your aerial is installed, your TV is tuned, and the one-off payment for the equipment is made, you have access to up to 70 channels and 30 radio stations that provide you with a variety of entertainment at no extra cost. If you have any issues with aerial installation, contact the professionals at so that you do not encounter any reception issues while watching your TV.


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