MVP Software Development: What Are The Benefits?


Developing custom software products to meet individual business needs is a costly pleasure that requires time and financial investments for a long time. The decision should be made in a balanced and thoughtful manner. This is where MVP software development comes for help.

What are the benefits of MVP software development?

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is a product that has minimal but sufficient features to meet the needs of the first customers. 

MVP software development is often the creation of something new which did not exist before. However, there are many cases when MVP is developed for projects that already exist on the market. In many ways, this process is similar to a building when first we think about what we are going to build for what needs, then we make a project, choose builders and building materials, bring the project to life and then, if necessary, make some changes.

The minimum viable product (MVP) allows to:

  • Confirm the viability of the idea and test product hypotheses with real data;
  • Identify trends that can be used in the development of the full version of the product;
  • Reduce the risk of a major financial loss if the product fails;
  • Reduce development costs by prioritizing important and identifying unneeded features;
  • Speed up bug finding and internal testing of the product;
  • Gather a user base before a full-scale launch;
  • Occupy a market niche and attract investors before competitors.

Highly skilled Ukrainian dedicated developers from Voypost have extensive experience in MVP software development. 

MVP software development steps

The MVP software development consists of MVP software design, MVP software development, and MVP software maintenance. Let`s discuss this in more detail.

MVP software design (business process design and process engineering)

Business process design implies an interview with the customer. During the initial interview with the customer, the business analyst finds out what ideas need to be implemented and describes all necessary functions. Based on this data, user scenarios and screen layouts are described.

The next stage is process engineering, involving the solution architect to develop the overall high-level architecture. And also, at this stage, the most optimal technology stack is chosen.

All this gives MVP development company a basis for creating a high-level MVP software development plan and the role composition of the necessary team. And this already answers the question of primary cost and time estimates.

MVP software development 

Most often, development teams choose the Agile approach for MVP software development. Unlike a typical construction site, where it’s impossible to make changes to the foundation, the design is iterative in MVP software development. The developers make a part, test it, change it if necessary, test it again, and move on to the next part. At any moment, the developers can go back to any number of steps and make the necessary changes in the foundation. The entire process is divided into two-week stages for ease of management and transparency.

MVP software maintenance

As a rule, you don’t need highly skilled developers to keep the system running. Usually, Junior or Middle developers from your side take care of MVP. Some development companies help to conduct interviews and find the necessary specialist for your team. But if you need to modify the MVP software or add additional features, you need Middle+ and Senior developers.

MVP software development with Voypost

From the moment of MVP launch, feedback has to be collected, stored, and analyzed. The data gathered by MVP will help to understand if the project has perspectives, will help to generate new ideas, and will create a strategy of product development based not on suppositions but on facts.

Nikita Sviridenko’s experience (12 years experience in software development as a Solution Architect) allows Voypost not only to develop MVP software but also to scale it later on. We understand that launching the MVP, testing the product, and handling the feedback are complicated and expensive tasks that require a professional approach.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your MVP software development.


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