Exciting Mobile iGaming Advances Intriguing Aussie Players

Exciting Mobile iGaming

Thanks to becoming an internationally recognised hub for technological advances, developers in Australia have been thriving in recent years. Creative talent is being matched by innovative new ideas, which are bringing exciting improvements to mobile gaming platforms.

Forming part of an international focus that never slows in pace, Aussie talents within the iGaming industry are taking some of the biggest strides, forging ahead with mobile gaming improvements that will shape our present and future.

While there are countless and equally intriguing innovations they have contributed, let’s take a look at just a couple which are profoundly impacting the way we play mobile games, heightening our sense of immersion and even protecting us as we play.

Facial Recognition

Principally regarded as being an application that can provide extra safety, facial recognition was originally developed with security in mind. The key aim of such applications was to verify the identities of software users.

For the iGaming industry, facial recognition has been quickly adopted in Australian venues, including land-based casinos and licensed clubs, where gaming machines like pokies are widely available. But in order to play, participants must first confirm their identity via facial scans.

While in China, facial recognition technology has been deployed to limit the game time of players, here in Australia, games developers are looking at far more positive applications. These are designed with entertainment in mind, increasing our levels of satisfaction and engagement.

Examples include the detection of emotions and facial expressions, which can lead to games reacting and providing an entirely more immersive level of interaction. In addition, players are now getting the chance to make photo-realistic avatars of themselves.

Another exciting step is that rather than traditional use of controls, which can sometimes be quite tricky on mobile gaming platforms, future developments are already looking into facial recognition developments that can track our slightest movements.

Recently in the news, Japanese gaming software giants Konami licensed its facial recognition patents, granting Australian casino company Independent Gaming full access to their advanced technology. The same kind of systems could soon be commonplace online casinos.

Artificial Intelligence

As many Aussies who regularly play games at online casinos will already know, chatbots are nothing new, typically being the first point of 24/7 customer service assistance. They deploy AI to search for the most relevant answers to our questions.

Safety and security is also paramount for online casinos and their customers; therefore AI has now been deployed to help detect and prevent fraud. This allows casino sites to analyse and monitor player behaviour in real-time, providing swift resolutions to potential issues.

Human interaction remains important for Australians, whenever looking to find the best pokies online, especially for comparing offers and promotions at casino sites. Gamble Online Australia reviewers provide knowledge and expertise, which AI has yet to equal.

Nevertheless, once our informed choices are made, online casinos use AI to recommend pokies we might enjoy playing, based upon what games we play and how frequently. This enhances the level of personalisation, as AI points us towards games that will keep us entertained.

Furthermore, some of the latest pokies have been created around AI participation, which helps towards producing some of the most sophisticated gaming experiences, ensuring the random number generation of spins remains fair and unbiased.

Alongside the pokies, other popular games found at online casinos include poker and baccarat, where skill is more of a factor than chance. Now player can take on AI opponents of varying capacities, raising the level of challenge available.

Constant Progress

These two advances are just a small example of advances in mobile gaming, within an industry that is always aiming to reach important milestones, and reach beyond the most challenging of technological frontiers. Australia is at the forefront of these advances, making this an exciting time for developers and players alike.


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