TheWiSpy [Tested]: Track Live Location with Best Phone Tracker


A phone tracking app is software designed to track cell phones’ online and offline activities and locate their whereabouts in real-time. Primarily, mobile tracking tools are referred to as location tracking apps. But with the advancement in technology, phone tracking apps now come with diverse features such as geo-fencing, call recording, SMS monitoring, and many others. 

Unfortunately, cell phone stealth cases are increasing all over the world. And the reason for such a crime is that mobile devices are expensive and hold personal details that the perpetrator can use to blackmail the target. 

Don’t worry; we have a super phone tracker app that can help you track a cell phone location in seconds. 

Let’s get straight into the details and explore the fantastic TheWiSpy phone tracker app.

TheWiSpy [Tested]: Track Live Location with Best Phone Tracker

TheWiSpy phone tracker app offers location-based surveillance tools to help you locate your kids, employees, or even a stolen device.

Isn’t it great?

If you want to track a cell phone location for free, you must opt for this app.

In this review, we will mention TheWiSpy’s top location-based surveillance tools along with other cell phone tracking capabilities.

Let’s begin, shall we?

TheWiSpy Mobile Tracker – What Is It?

TheWiSpy is one of the best location tracking apps online. Its quality and convenient tracking features make it the most prominent mobile tracker app in the entire market. Moreover, it not only offers cell phone location tracking features but also other spying and monitoring tools as well. For instance, being a mobile tracker tracks all the cell phone or tablet activities and allows the end-user to monitor cell phone details in real-time.

And, if you got it to monitor calls or track WhatsApp remotely, you can track a cell phone location for free with it. 

TheWiSpy Functionality – How Can You Track Location with TheWiSpy?

The first thing that comes to the mind of any person who wants to track a cell phone is to get an IMEI tracker and get the job done. However, in the case of mobile robbery or stealth, you can’t get the chance to find the IMEI number of your device unless you already noted it somewhere. That is why it is essential to take precautionary measures beforehand.

TheWiSpy mobile tracker, just like other apps, requires installation on the device you want to track. And once it gets installed, it acts like a shadow and traces all the locations where your target cell phone has been ever. So, if you lost your mobile phone or someone has stolen it, you just have to open TheWiSpy remote dashboard and get its location with only a few clicks.

Here is how TheWiSpy location tracking app works:

  • It gets integrated with the target device’s GPS feature.
  • It continuously records the GPS location.
  • All the recorded location history is accessible via TheWiSpy online dashboard.
  • The end-user can view location history along with complete visited addresses.
  • TheWiSpy also allows live location tracking.
  • Users can get location-based notifications if the geofencing feature is enabled.

TheWiSpy is a complete location tracking tool for Android devices. It is a perfect surveillance app to track the whereabouts of children or employees.

TheWiSpy Features – A Complete Location Tracker for Android:

The reliability of a phone tracking app depends on its tools and features. TheWiSpy delivers innovative cell phone monitoring features so that its users can get complete control over the target device. 

This section of TheWiSpy review is segregated into two sections; TheWiSpy location tracking features and TheWiSpy advanced mobile monitoring features.

Let’s get started.

TheWiSpy Location Tracking Features:

The best location tracking app, TheWiSpy, offers stunning location-based surveillance features. You can not only track live location but also restrict boundaries over safe and unsafe zones.

Let’s discuss in detail TheWiSpy’s location tracking features.

GPS Tracking:

It is the ultimate tool to get GPS location tracking reports in seconds. This app runs in the background of the target’s phone and constantly records the location pinpoints so that the end-user can view the comprehensive location history. 

TheWiSpy GPS tracker delivers location-based reporting that includes the target device’s live location, whereabouts history, visited addresses, dates, and timestamps of location logs.

Using a location tracking app is beneficial if you have teens who don’t stay home or can use it to trace your employees’ whereabouts. 


It is an elite location restriction feature. TheWiSpy accesses the electronic map of the target device and allows the end-user to mark safe and unsafe boundaries on it. Whenever the target person enters or breaches the specified zone, the app sends an instant notification to the end-user regarding the locomotion.

Geo-fencing is a must-have feature for parents as it protects kids from going to bars, pubs, clubs, and other illicit places. For businesses, geofencing helps employers to bind employees to workplaces. Employers can get instant alerts on employees leaving the office early with TheWiSpy geo-fencing alerts.

TheWiSpy Phone Monitoring Features: 

Apart from location tracking tools, TheWiSpy app offers other advanced features to monitor mobile activities and screen usage in real-time. 

Here is the complete list of TheWiSpy phone tracker features:

Call Recording – Tape and hear phone calls (incoming & outgoing).

Call Blocking – Restrict wrong numbers from calling.

SMS Monitoring – Read inbound and outbound SMS messages. 

WhatsApp Tracking – Track WhatsApp remotely.

Web Browsing History Tracking – View all the browsed website details.

Remote Camera Spying – Turn on the device camera and record surroundings.

Surround Recording – Active device mic and hear ambient sounds.

Multimedia Monitoring – Spy on the photo gallery and watch all saved videos.

Call Logs Tracking – Monitor call logs history and track frequent callers.

Addressbook Monitoring – Track complete contact list on the target device.

App Monitoring – View app usage and discover frequently used apps.

Wi-Fi Logs Tracking – Monitor connected Wi-Fi networks.

TheWiSpy spying technology focuses on fetching all the stored information from the target device and recording the live activities. 

Now, let’s head to the next section that will mention the compatibility details of TheWiSpy phone tracker.

TheWiSpy Compatibility – Is Your Target Device Compatible with TheWiSpy?

Compatibility is a crucial element with cell phone tracking apps. It is useless to buy phone tracking software that does not support your target device. 

If you want to locate an Android smartphone with TheWiSpy, here is the good news. TheWiSpy can locate almost every Android device, from the oldest 4.0 to the latest 11 OS versions. Another best quality of TheWiSpy app is that it requires no rooting as an installation prerequisite. 

Price – How Much TheWiSpy App Costs?

Note that reliable and secured apps don’t come for free in the mobile phone tracking market. Many apps claim to track a cell phone location for free, but it is merely a scam.

TheWiSpy is the most affordable cell phone tracking software that comes in three different subscription plans. Users can start locating their devices from a 15-day license up to 6 months subscription.

Here are the details of TheWiSpy subscription packages:

Starter Edition – It is a 15-day subscription with all the necessary features to track location. Starter edition costs $9.99 for 15 days.

Basic Edition – It includes essential mobile tracking tools. The TWS basic edition starts from $19.99 per month. You can get quarterly and semi-annual subscriptions as well.

Premium Edition – It includes premium features to track cell phones. The premium edition starts from $29.99 per month. It also offers quarterly and semi-annual subscriptions.

Concluding Thoughts:

Cell phones are profoundly used for communication, entertainment, educational, and professional purposes. Mobile devices are common and hold a bunch of personal and corporate information that no one could risk in the wrong hands. Get TheWiSpy phone tracker today, locate your lost devices, track the whereabouts of kids and employees in a few seconds.

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