Tips For Purchasing an Engagement Ring Online



You shop freely online for tickets, clothing, and books but tend to be much more cautious about something as significant, pricey, and precious as an engagement ring. While there are some great jewelry stores and excellent possibilities for having a ring especially created, there are creative designers and stunning rings from worldwide thanks to social media sites. If you’re in love with an engagement ring locate online, here are some pointers and suggestions to make purchasing an engagement ring online as stress-free and secure as possible.

  • Purchase only from reliable sources

It probably goes without saying, but just in case, verify the legitimacy of any independent reviews before purchasing from anybody. To ensure that the stones are exactly as described and come from reputable sources, look for proof. The merchant must provide you with their entire address if it is not shown on their website. A post office box or an email address is insufficient. Any newly launched websites should be avoided while purchasing engagement rings such as Moissanite rings since they can be scams.

  • Review the terms and conditions

Read any Ts&Cs on the website or the contract the jeweler sends you before purchasing, especially if it’s a made-to-order ring. It’s long, dull, and full of jargon. Ensure you are familiar with the various design phases and when adjustments may still be made. Find out if you may receive a refund if you’re purchasing from a set collection.

When purchasing from within the EU, you have several options for returning an item and receiving a refund (as long as it wasn’t manufactured to order); however, when purchasing from the US or elsewhere, this usually depends on the shop.

  • Request a video

Videos are frequently preferable to images for determining a ring’s size, how it rests on the hand, and if it is too high or too low. You may often get a better sense of the stone quality via a video because sparkling and shine are frequently added to still images. Ask the vendor if you can view a video of someone wearing the ring, even if it’s very simple if they don’t already have any on their website.

  • Pay with a credit card

If feasible, use a credit card to purchase an engagement ring online. If not, make use of a debit card that is protected by a reputable credit card company. You won’t be able to get your money back if something goes wrong if you send it via cash, bank transfer, or a money wire service.

Ensure the website you’re using to pay has a secure payment option. To do this, look for the closed padlock icon in the corner of your browser window, among others. Check your card statement after purchasing to be sure you were charged the correct amount and that no odd transactions were placed.

  • Obtain the purchase price in advance

Get final pricing before you place the purchase. But it’s crucial to keep in mind, especially for unique designs. Since there are many factors to consider, like the materials used, modifications to the final design, and of course, postage, engagement rings sometimes have a “from” price. To avoid unpleasant surprises after the purchase has been finalized and it is too late to cancel, ensure the final price is fixed before you conclude the transaction.

  • Check out the return policy

Read up on the return policy of the website you’re browsing before purchasing a ring online. Each one differs. Some issues to consider are: How much time do you have to return or exchange something? Offer free returns, do they? Does the jeweler only provide credit or a complete refund for returned items like rings? Will they pay for the return freight, or will you be liable? Is there a lifetime warranty included with the ring? How long is the warranty if not? Will they pay for resizing if the ring is too small, or will there be a charge? Before checking out, ensure you know the answers to these questions. A website should be avoided if the return policy is not listed.


The process of selecting an engagement ring such as Moissanite rings shouldn’t be complicated. Applying the aforementioned advice will enable you to shop for an engagement ring, knowing precisely what you want while avoiding the most typical mistakes and traps.


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