Top Eight Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Your Child


Parenthood is a bittersweet journey. It can often fill your heart with joy; at other times, you may feel overwhelmed by uncountable responsibilities. It can be hard to find the right balance, but once you do, it does not take long to find a friend within your child.

While every parent strives to build a strong relationship with their child, it is not easy. From tantrums to difficult communication, children can be a handful. However, it does not mean that all hope is lost. Steps taken today can define your lifelong relationship with your child.

Here are some effective ways to improve your relationship with your child.

1.Help them with Homework

Whenever a child faces a problem, parents are the first ones they look up to for help. Of course, the biggest struggles in a child’s life usually turn out to be homework and exams. Hence, it is important for parents to be involved in this aspect of their child’s life.

Whether they need help with going through ISEB pretest practice tests or a lengthy school assignment, it is always encouraging for a child to see you making time for them. This way, your child can gain more self-confidence and strengthen your relationship over time. 

2.Listen to Them

Children can have the craziest stories to tell after their day at school or about something that happened at the playground. These stories may feel unnecessarily elongated or exaggerated, but it brings an ideal opportunity for you to bond with your child.

Like everyone, children also want to feel that the listener is interested in their story. Just because it is a small detail for you does not mean that your child feels the same. Paying attention and listening to your child can help you bond with them and understand their emotions better.

3.Schedule an Outing

From work to household chores, the list of things that can keep you busy is never-ending. However, this does not negate the fact that your child needs your time and attention to get closer to you. It is crucial for every parent to make time for their child and take them for an outing for a special day.

Whether your child likes a special for pancakes, prefers burgers, or wants to enjoy bowling with you, it is important for you to understand the place that makes them feel happy. An outing for just you and your child is an ideal way to get closer to them. 

4.Use the Power of Touch

Physical contact plays an important part in a relationship with your child, whether your child is a preschooler or making their way to early teenage years. Studies have shown that hugs, cuddling, or holding hands can play an important role in your child’s brain development and physical growth.

In addition, hugs can also be one of the most effective ways to end a temper tantrum in children. It can help them calm down, feel relaxed, and communicate more effectively with you. Hence, physical touch increases your chances of getting closer to your child.

5.Share Personal Experience

Children love telling stories and listening to them as well. Yes, they may have a lot of questions and comments along the way, but it is one of the best opportunities to get closer to them. Hence, it is best to never miss a chance to share a personal story with them.

This way, you can share a piece of yourself with them and teach them life lessons through your personal experiences. Children love a good story with a filling end. The key to keeping them interested till the end is, to be honest with them and build trust along the way. 

6.Avoid Yelling

Parenthood is one of life’s most amazing things but can also be challenging. It can be very easy to get overwhelmed or have a meltdown. While your instincts might tell you to yell and disperse some anger, it is the last thing you should do. After all, every parent agrees that they feel bad after yelling at their children.

Hence, it is always better to learn ways to curb your anger and find ways to keep calm. Anger outbursts can scare your children and may affect your relationship with them. The best way to share your disapproval about something is to calm down first and communicate your concerns softly.

This way, children can realize their mistakes better, and the chances of the problem being sorted out can also be increased.

7.Reduce the Use of Electronics

The advent of the internet and electronics have made life so much easier and entertaining. Everyone from adults to children has their favorite shows, songs, and movies they can enjoy from anywhere in the world. However, every family can also agree that it has affected their personal relationships by taking so much of everyone’s time.

In such circumstances, it is getting harder and harder for parents to connect with their children. Therefore, every family should make a no electronics rule for some time every day. This way, you can ensure that your children and you are fully present at the moment and can get closer more effectively.

Whether you imply this rule for dinner time or after lunch, it is best to ensure that the no electronics rule is not limited to your children only. You must also put down your phone and engage with them by being present at the moment.

8.Validate their Feelings

Whether your child is angry about something or feeling low, the first person they want to understand their feelings is you. Discarding or invalidating your child’s feelings is never a good idea. It is one of the worst steps you might take for your relationship with your child.

Instead, the best way to get closer to your child is to have a conversation about how they are feeling. You must make them feel that you are by their side. It is one of the best ways to strengthen your relationship with your child.


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