What Is Cool Sculpting?

What Is Cool Sculpting

Cool Sculpting or cryolipolysis is a fat-freezing technology to get stubborn fat out of various body parts, for example, the stomach area. Cold sculpting is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to improve not only body shape but also facial contours. In this article, you will get to know what is cool sculpting.

Scientists suggested cryolipolysis when they observed what happened to fat exposed to freeze. The body fat appeared to be easily frozen at temperatures higher than those required to get the skin frostbitten. The machine used for this method freezes the fat to a temperature, at which it is simply destroyed, while the skin and other tissues remain unharmed.

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

Cryolipolysis is considered to be a non-invasive technique, i.e. it removes stored fat without surgery. An applicator is pressed against a patient’s body to cool down the designated area during 35-60 minutes. Within this time, 25 % of fat cells are killed in the zone by applying cold. The procedure is supplemented with massage sessions to enhance further fat cell breaking. The dead cells are removed from the body gradually in a natural way — by the lymphatic system.

The final effects are seen in a few months, but some changes are noticed in a fortnight. 

What Is CoolSculpting Treatment?

Cryolipolysis isn’t a direct way to lose weight but just an addition to a healthy diet and exercising. It cannot replace surgery when it comes to obesity either. It is one of the body sculpting technologies aimed at correcting some fat-related problems. The therapy ensures noticeable changes in targeted body parts but does not grant any real health advantages. This is because the method is applicable only to subcutaneous fat rather than the fat linked to health problems, such as insulin resistance and raised cholesterol levels.

What cool body sculpting can really give is to facilitate the elimination of undesired fat in problem zones that do not react to wholesome lifestyle practices. Non-surgical liposuction, healthy nutrition, and physical activity should be combined to produce the best outcome.

How is CoolSculpting done?

Only a doctor or a qualified specialist performs this non-invasive treatment, using a portable device. The machine has an applicator with a suction cup to fit tightly against the skin. The specialist applies a gel pad and applicator onto a zone with undesired fat. Some CoolsSulpting Toronto clinics can offer devices with two applicators to process several areas in one go. 


During a freeze sculpting session, patients often feel intense cold, stretching, and pinching, but in general, this method involves almost no pain. The doctor massages the processed areas directly after each application to break up the frozen tissue and help the body to start absorbing the ruined cells. Some patients say it is a bit painful but only within a short time. Every cold body sculpting session lasts between one and three hours. Patients are allowed to listen to music tracks, read books, or even accomplish their tasks on gadgets while undergoing the therapy.

After the session is over, the patient can feel some discomfort like numbness in the treated area and observe minor redness or bruises. Yet, no post-treatment care is usually required, and the patient can go back to his or her daily routine almost immediately. 

How many CoolSculpting treatments are needed?

The treatment plan depends on how many zones of your body require correction and how large they are. If the area is small, you won’t need multiple applications. In most circumstances, only one session is assigned per one area. But a doctor will examine you and specify how many additional sessions might be needed. Also, take into account that the specialist may appoint check-ups after the therapy. Some people need a follow-up session to have greater results. In general, the main treatment lasts one hour, with no waiting time.

How long does CoolSculpting take to see results?

Everyone should realize that this technique does not produce instant outcomes. As time passes, your body slowly metabolizes the cells affected by cold, and then you’ll see the treated zone grow leaner and more clearly shaped. Clients will see the ultimate results in 4 months.

This method is effective, and it shows long-lasting effects. When fat cells disappear, they will never come back. Nevertheless, keep in mind that this procedure is not a method to lose weight — you might gain it again in the future, and fat bulges can return. So, a healthy lifestyle is important to retain the outcomes.

How Long Does CoolSculpting Last?

Upon freezing fat cells, patients might enjoy fat cells reduction and gradual fat removal in a couple of weeks. But you will see 90% of fat depots eliminated from the body in approximately eight weeks after your visit to a clinic, and the maximum progress will be achieved in about 6 months. 

CoolSculpting is safe, so patients may repeat it in the same area after a while to keep trim or to achieve even more dramatic improvements. Yet, they need to wait three weeks before repeating the treatment. 

Although this body contouring technique kills all fat cells in a treated zone, it’s still crucial to stick to a diet and daily workouts. CoolSculpting works best when paired with a healthy lifestyle, so make sure to eat wholesome food and exercise at home or in the gym to enjoy the longest results.

How Safe Is CoolSculpting?

According to the US National Institutes of Health, “with regard to the safety profile, several publications including two systematic literature reviews have failed to identify any significant adverse events that could be attributed to cryolipolysis, including scarring, ulceration, or disfigurement.” Following FDA, the study acknowledges that this fat removal technique is not only safe and effective but also appreciated by patients, showing a high satisfaction rate. About 82% of people who got acquainted with this technique would recommend it to a friend. It can help both men and women to keep in cool shape by providing a 20 to 80% fat loss after a single cryolipolysis session.

However, you first need to make sure that you are a good candidate for cryolipolysis. It should be avoided if a patient has open wounds or inflammatory skin conditions, suffers from vasospasms or hypersensitivity to cold, along with some other contraindications. 

Some people might try to arrange DIY CoolSculpting treatment at home, but it is a dangerous solution. You should go to a professional clinic and entrust your body to a specifically trained healthcare provider. 



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