DxoMark: Google Pixel 3 Ranked The Top Single-Lens Android Smartphone

    Photo from DxOMark

    A review was published by DxOMark on the latest Google Pixel 3 android smartphone recently, with an overall score of 101 given to the smartphone. Google Pixel 3, on the report ranked the top single-lens android smartphone which breaks down into a 103 for photo and 98 for video. This placed the the smartphone at a shared fifth position in the rankings together with the Apple iPhone XR.

    The report applauded the Pixel 3’s dynamic range, its detail preservation and flash perftos and the detail, low-noise and efficient stabilization in video.

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    The review also shows that Pixel 3 has the most improved features in the Bokeh and Zoom when compared to its predecessor. According to the review, Pixel 3 “trounces other single camera phones”.

    DxOMark pointed that there is some luminance noise and color shading in low light images and some artifacts and the occasional ghosting in good light.

    Finally, DxO ranks the Google Pixel 3 as the best single camera Android smartphone and a match for Apple’s iPhone XR. Night Sight wasn’t a part of DxO’s testing, but was praised nonetheless.



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