Why is football the most popular sport in the whole world?


“A day without football is a day wasted.” This quote by Ernst Happel applies to a large portion of the world’s population. But why? Why football is the most popular and widely practiced sport all over the world. Why does this sport excite the masses? In the next passage we will get to the heart of the matter.

Information around the clock

Whether on daily television, streaming services or mosbet bookmaker portals, in newspapers, online or on the radio – the football offer for everyone is growing immeasurably. The times without football are a thing of the past.

It has now become the norm for many generations to receive daily information about events in the football world. Who will win the German championship, how did the African Cup semi-final end and where is my favorite player going? You will know right away.

Overall Experience

Football is a social sport. It doesn’t matter if you’re a spectator at the next bar or a player on the field, it’s twice the fun alone.

Football often serves as a stage for larger events. The World Cup can mobilize entire masses and inspire unexpected patriotism. The Berlin fan mile was often covered in black, red and gold. Legendary sentences like “Ran should shoot from the background” or “Make him!” Do it! He’s doing it!”, evoke images and stimulate conversation. Only football can do this.

Competitions, successes and attractions

People love to compete. Whether it’s the football field around the corner where young people meet for a Sunday game, or the big stadiums where Real Madrid compete to win the Champions League. Even among friends, games between rival teams can warm the mood and create positive tension.

Football offers games, fun and excitement all rolled into one. Of course, this also applies to other sports. When it comes to football and important events, there is a special tension. Whether it’s the relegation battle of your favorite team, a narrow victory in the final before an away game in Munich or the Ruhrpott Derby between Schalke and Dortmund, football nerves must be strong. To further enhance the excitement, there are many bookmakers offering a wide range of bets on football, for example. B. Bookmaker Austria is ready to provide additional opportunities.

feelings and passion

Joy, sadness, relief, pain – hardly in any other sport are emotions encountered so close to each other and experienced so intensely.

At football stadiums you can only see experienced men openly showing their feelings. The fans who push their team forward exhibit unprecedented energy. Politicians who lose etiquette and give free rein to their emotions. (Image: 2014 World Cup final: Schweinsteiger and Boateng were the best – WELT (Image 8: Merkel and Gauck)

There are few environments today in which honest feelings are as commonplace. This is what distinguishes football and everything connected with it.

Sports for everyone

Football unites generations, social classes and different nationalities. Football bridges cultural differences and is accessible to everyone. A 4-year-old girl can take her first steps on a soccer field with her grandfather, a soccer team can be made up of many different nationalities, and entire families can sit in front of the TV with friends and cheer for the team.

Poverty is also not an obstacle. To play football, you don’t need much: at best, two players, a ball and two goals, which can be built from stones or other materials. And you can begin. Football can and is played even in the poorest countries in the world.

Football knows no boundaries, football excludes no one. Football unites!

Just a beautiful game

Football was and remains “the most beautiful thing in the world.”

But what specifically characterizes the passion for football? Are the spectators screaming for your team to win? Is he a professional soccer player who uses the ball to drive knots into the legs of entire defensive lines? Or is it the sense of community within teams or fan groups that creates trusting friendships?

Of course, all factors play an important role.

However, what is special about football is that people from different countries, cultures and languages come together and unite through the language of football.



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