Xiaomi’s Black Shark 2 Gaming Phone launching in March

    Xiaomi Black Shark 2 also known as Skywalker will come with Snapdragon 855

    Xiaomi Black Shark 2 gaming phone
    Picture credit: AWOK.com

    [the_ad id=”504″]It’s like Xiaomi is cooking up something hot and new for gamers this coming month. Xiaomi product director Wang Teng Thomas revealed that Xiaomi’s Black Shark 2 gaming phone might be launching on March and that he has seen the “new machine Black Shark 2.”

    Black Shark 2 gaming phone coming in March

    He disclosed this on Weibo in response to a post made by Xiaomi C.E.O Lei Jun, asking Black Shark fans to share their expectations and suggestions to the Black Shark team. Wang, in response to the post, disclosed that he saw the new Black Shark 2 gaming phone and it looks ‘very cool’.

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    [the_ad id=”712″]The first edition of Black Shark gaming phone was introduced in April 2017 and it is armed with a Snapdragon 855, 8GB of RAM and running on Android 9 Pie. A follow-up model was later launched in October same year with the name “ Black Shark Helo” which hosts 10GB of RAM.

    More information on the specifications of the upcoming Black Shark 2 gaming phone was not shared by Wang, it is assumed that it is coming hot with Snapdragon 855.


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