Balancing Promotional and Educational Content on Social Media

Educational Content on Social Media

Our social media content should not always be about promoting our products and services. Instead, we should work on educating our engaged customers as well. There should be a perfect balance between the content you share to educate your audience. And the content you share to promote a specific product or service. If a user is not educated enough about a specific offering, he or she will not be willing to make a purchase for it.

This short piece of information is crafted to help you balance your educational and promotional content on social media. Have a look at how to balance it precisely!

Why Scaling Between Promotional and Educational Content Matters on Social Media?

To perfectly scale between Social and educational content, you need to learn the concept of content marketing. 

Content Marketing can be a useful tool to interact, engage, and convert customers from social media. 

It can also be useful for showcasing your products and services and educating the people who are constantly relying on your published content. 

With the perfect combination of some educational posts and a few promotional posts, you can increase your social media presence. It is just like getting more followers on Instagram in a short period.

With the help of utilizing the best content marketing practices, you can meet your customer’s requirements. 

It also helps you address their pain points and do more than what’s required. So, you have to learn how to add educational and Promotional content to your social media store.

How To Perfectly Scale Between Educational and Promotional Content?

While publishing content and leveraging key Content Marketing practices, one of the typical challenges that creators might face is deciding between educational and promotional content. 

Educational content helps the readers learn about specific problems, solutions, benefits, and other main points related to your offerings. It doesn’t include direct wording like Buy this and buy that.

Promotional content, on the other hand, comes with promotional practices where you engage with the customers to sell a product or a service. It includes a CTA button, which helps the user convert.

However, what strategy should be used for balancing between Educational and Promotional content? 

A golden rule of thumb is to use 80% educational content. And bringing 20% promotional content only.

This way, you can engage your customers more in learning things than directly influencing them to purchase your products or services. 

However, this percentage isn’t the exact one you should follow all the time. You can easily scale it depending on your customers, the target market, and other factors.

How To Create Educational Content For Social Media?

In this section, we’ll learn how you can create compelling social media content that educates your visitors and customers! 

There are multiple things to consider when creating educational content. For example, you have to understand your niche and the customers you are targeting. 

You should have some specific goals aligned with the solutions those people are looking for. 

Create reports, charts and demographics to understand how your users want to digest that shared information. 

Always work hard to understand your platform, the buyer’s needs, preferences, and long-term goals of becoming your loyal customers.

Your educational content should come with a unique purpose, and this purpose should be aligned with your goals. 

You also need to spend time choosing the right format, which helps users understand the shared information better. 

Some popular forms of Educational content include E-books, Slideshare, blogs, white papers, webinars, in-depth guides, videos, reels, and everything that is related to educating the user at the best level.

This content can also be presented in the form of infographics, images, or video content, depending on what your user feels comfortable to interact with.

How To Balance or Create Promotional Content For Social Media?

Next comes understanding how to create promotional content. Well, it is all about showcasing your products best. 

You need to describe the benefits, their ultimate value, and how a single product will improve an individual’s life in reality. 

Do all of this so that your customer might be interested in making his first purchase at your social media store. In this case, some of the most famous examples of Promotional Content include:

  • User Reviews and Testimonials
  • Customer feedback and results
  • Free trials
  • Product demos
  • Case studies and all the related examples

Moreover, you can bring in-person surveys, Q/As, or other forms of interactions to address the customers issues. 

Always keep in mind that your promotional content should be highly aligned with solving your customer’s problems. 

This content should be highly relevant and up to the mark which could fulfill your user’s needs.

Final Wording:

The ratio of 80/20 is the perfect ratio for scaling between the promotional and educational content. However, you can keep changing it depending on your needs to address the audience. And depending on the right niche or industry. All of these helpful insights can lead you to creating desired content for desired needs. So, understand this scaling well and start balancing your social media content today!


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