Everything You Need To Know About Wearing Ankle Boots


Have you ever wondered about the different styles of ankle boots? With more than hundreds of options available, ankle boots seem to be the perfect footwear style for every occasion and outfit. In fact, this timeless footwear style has become a must-have in every shoe collection. Whether it’s a pair of blocked ankle heels or leather boots for women, ankle boots can never go out of style. Although ankle boots are timeless,  how can one determine which style of boot to pair with different jeans? There are several standards that would support you when you think about wearing ankle boots.

How to wear ankle boots?

One of the most classic and go-to pair of pants for fashion enthusiasts are skinny jeans since they look well on everyone, can be dressed up or down, and are simple to style. Depending on how long your jeans are, there are two ways of wearing skinny jeans with boots: standard length and cropped.

Since 2016, pairing boots with cropped pants has become incredibly fashionable. Cropped skinny jeans and shoes look incredibly stylish and put together. The hem of your jean should either reach the top of your boot shaft or stop just before it. It looks great when the hem of your jeans hits just above the top of the boot.

Most of the time, we buy jeans to fit the length of our legs. When you try to wear regular-length jeans with boots, though, you run into trouble. They look wonderful with regular flats or sneakers.

This means that your boots and jeans overlap, with the shaft of your boots extending up to meet the bottom hem of your boots. Because of how this “overlap” can look clumsy and bunched up, it has become so common to roll up your jeans.

How to style ankle boots?

There are different ways of styling ankle boots:

Roll them up 

The look of your attire is made more informal by rolling up your jeans. To complete the informal look when wearing casual boots like rounded-toe suede boots, you should pull up your jeans. The final fashion guideline for rolled jeans is to put on a boot with a shorter shaft. Your leg will be severely cut up by the rolled jean and tall shaft boots. As a result, whenever you roll your jeans, you should always go for a boot with a shorter shaft.

Roll your jeans under

If you want to look more put together or if you are wearing a tall shaft boot, you should always roll your jeans under. A cleaner, chicer appearance is produced by tucking the jean under. When wearing dressier jeans, typically tuck your jeans under (like coated black jeans). Always tuck your jeans in when you are sporting a pair of tall shaft boots. This gives the appearance of being taller.

Put your boots inside your jeans 

When tucking pants into a boot, there are no hard and fast rules. It depends on your choice of boots and jeans. To prevent the bulky appearance, though, tuck really skinny jeans or legging into a boot with a broader shaft.

Boots with skirts and dresses

There aren’t any particular rules for how to wear boots with skirts and dresses. It simply comes down to your individual sense of style and preference, mostly, as most boots “work” with multiple dresses and skirts.

However, a tall boot with a pointed toe is the preferred style to wear with dresses and skirts. Your legs and the complete look are lengthened by this! Having said that, rounder toes and shorter shafts look fantastic as well. Wear whatever is most comfortable for you.

Boots with dress pants and cropped pants

Step outside your comfort zone and give the trend a try; ankle boots go just as well with dress pants and cropped pants as they do with jeans. Paper bag-waist slacks and an oversized, off-the-shoulder top are given some edge by patterned boots and hefty jewellery. Your ankle boots will stick out thanks to cropped flares, and a small heel will offer you a little lift, so even if your legs are on the shorter side, the cropped pants will still be flattering).

This outfit’s colour scheme feels fitting for the fall, sombre tones like beige and black are a fantastic neutral pairing for the time of year. For a look that is equally appropriate for the office and the weekend, try tucking your slacks into ankle boots.

A dress or a skirt can appear beautiful when paired with ankle boots. There is an ankle boot that will go with your outfit – whether you’re wearing a maxi skirt on the weekend or a midi dress to work. Combine a velvet skirt in a jewel tone with shoes that have studs and a bucket bag to play with texture. A chic high-low turtleneck streamlines the look.



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