How Plants Help Me Find Time for the Much-Needed Self-Care

Much-Needed Self-Care

Selfcare is exactly what you want it to be – it can be meditation, extended massage, shopping sprees, reading your favorite book, repotting plants, or propagating them. – Much-Needed Self-Care

Growing plants and giving them care is a meaningful self-care activity. It increases feelings of connectedness, prevents negative thoughts, improves physical health, causes positive emotions, deters unhealthy habits, and much more.

This article has focused on how giving time to plants can be a form of self-care.

1: Plants Can Be Your Free Therapy

Plants can boost your mood by producing cytokines and serotonin, which are the happy chemicals in the body.

When something is badly bothering you, and you are not getting peace anywhere, you can spend some time with your plants to calm your thoughts. Interacting with plants or giving them water can significantly reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

Some plants release oxygen at night, remove toxins, and refresh the air; thus, they help you sleep peacefully at night. And having a good night’s sleep can boost your immune system, strengthen your heart, increase productivity, and improve memory. (

2: Increases Productivity

We all know that plants play a far more role than aesthetically improving the interior environment. Having plants in your sight can enhance productivity to 15%, and memory retention jumps to 20%. 

With the increase in productivity, you feel lighter, better, and more motivated to work; moreover, the possibility of procrastinating also decreases.

3: Improves Memory And Concentration- Much-Needed Self-Care

Having plants in your window, on a study table, or near your workplace can enhance your ability to focus on your work and help you finish your tasks faster. Many pieces of research have proved that plants can influence memory retention, which is best for medical students.

4: Plants Promote Healing- Much-Needed Self-Care

Flowering plants speed up post-surgery recovery. Patients who have plants in their rooms have lower heart rates and blood pressure; in addition to it, they get fewer instances of fatigue and anxiety. So plants improve our mental health and provide us with numerous legitimate benefits for physical health and healing.

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5: Show Importance Of The Little Things

Modern life is stressful, emotionally chaotic, and rushing; gardening is the best source to restore mood—even a tiny dose of nature in our everyday lives that can create happiness and wellbeing.

Taking care of a young plant is a great way to concentrate on the small things to ground yourself. These small actions can offer you massive relief from the hectic daily grind.

6: Surrounding Yourself With Plants Is Soothing

In the rush of city life, plants are the best way to connect with nature and satisfy yourself psychologically.

A touch of plants and greenery can really glorify your psychological wellbeing. Therefore, you should take time to indulge in forest bathing as it can give you a sense of calm and spiritual cleansing. Living close to a park is a blessing for your mental health. So whether you are a plant mom or plant-curious, you can all take this tip to heart.

7: Mood-Booster And Stress Reducing

When you feel a little low, walking in the park can make you feel relaxed and emotionally stable. Even a short exposure to nature can make you generous and cooperative. Touching natural foliage can stimulate an unconscious calming effect in your mind and soul; when you get in touch with nature, your self-esteem and relaxation increase, while mental fatigue and stress get reduced.

8: Plants Increases Your Self-Attention Process

Plants act as your mirror; when you find your plants healthy and thriving, it means you are giving them proper time, care, fertilization, and taking care of their temperature and light. 

When you learn the needs of your plants—they can thrive better in loam soil, LED grow lights, healthy nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium)—you also start finding your comfort zones where you can also achieve your best.

However, if your plants are wilt, it means you are neither giving them attention nor yourself. Like us, every plant talks, experiences hardship, tells a story, has a life cycle, and learns to grow with the support of others. 

Our Summary

Thanks to plants that amazingly contribute to your wellbeing, they bring tranquility to your space, produce oxygen, filter the air you breathe, and help in various other ways. You get encouragement and strength while spritzed, watering, and pruning them. The mornings spent with plants become the most manicured aspect of life as plants always make you happy. Thus, you need to find the perfect plant and initiate your journey to plant parenthood and self-care.

Happy plants mean happy you!


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