How to Exchange Crypto On LetsExchange

How to Exchange Crypto On LetsExchange

When it comes to actually exchanging cryptocurrencies or purchasing digital money for the first time, a huge place among decisive factors is taken by a platform’s reputation. Of course, this is accompanied by the safety of payment data and personal information, ease of use, various features, transaction fees, and so on. For you not to be overwhelmed with the choice, here is a short overview. 

One of the most promising multicurrency online exchanges these days is LetsExchange. At a glance, LetsExchange is a rare place that requires no registration to get started. As long as you’re satisfied with the conditions and rates, just choose to exchange the necessary coins, and that’s it. 

But let us get deeper into the functionality of the service. 

How Can I Use LetsExchange to Perform Crypto Swaps?

The whole process is extremely simple. Skipping registration, a user needs to go right to the exchange widget and set the specific currency and the amount they want to trade. This includes choosing a currency pair, so, at the same time, you mention the currency you would like to buy. 

For instance, you immediately see the rate by choosing the pair RVN to ETH. Furthermore, the built-in interface will reflect how much the transaction will cost you at the moment. Thus, you can see the whole sum of conversion and how affordable it is immediately.

Still, pay special attention to rates: here, it’s possible to go for a fixed or floating rate. This can make a huge difference. Fixed rates usually prevent slipping for 0,5 hour and free the users from paying more for transactions over time. 

Next, when you proceed, it is required to mention the address of the wallet where you want to receive the coins. 

The exchange rate is basically the cost of converting the coin from one blockchain to another currency. After you agree to perform the conversion, you deposit the specified amount of the first coin from the pair, in this case, RVN, to the given address. Once the deposit is made, the exchange is completed. 

How Secure Is LetsExchange?

Now, to protection. LetsExchange is not just a registration-free place but also a non-custodial exchange which means it doesn’t keep its users’ security keys or assets. It is just an intermediary and a best-rate searcher. 

Instead, all the funds are stored in your wallet. Amounts traded are sent there automatically, without users giving any private data.  

Next, there are SSL certificates standing guard against data fraud. This is backed up by security protocols and DDoS protection. 

What Coins and Tokens Can Be Bought at LetsExchange?

The exchange is well known for its ever-increasing choice of digital coins. Currently, the website offers more than 2,300 digital tokens and supports 80+ fiat currencies. That makes it incredibly convenient to trade any widely used traditional money to crypto. 

The newest coins that have appeared become available at the exchange with the possibility of being traded to any other: STX, XEN, DOGE, XRP, and others are just one click away. 

So, let’s sum up what we know about the platform.

Its absolute pros are no need for sharing personal data, a variety of coins at users’ disposal, strong protection, and an intuitive interface. In addition, it often offers immediate transactions. However, it can be dependable on how loaded the network is, and users might get different speeds.

As the last point, you don’t pay any withdrawal fee. Finally, it is a trustworthy place since it’s a licensed platform. So when you come to an agreement with LetsExchange, you don’t risk your private data being stolen. 


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