How to Make Life at Assisted Living Feel More Like Home


    As you get older, the simplest tasks can become the most strenuous ones. At times, living in your traditional home can feel lonely and difficult. Therefore, there comes a time at which many senior citizens choose to embrace assisted living communities. These homes can offer many benefits aside from the most obvious one which is round the clock professional care. 

    Apart from providing seniors with high-quality and personalised care, an assisted living facility can offer: 

    • Fun daily social and physical activities 
    • A safe and secure environment 
    • Monitoring of prescription medication 
    • Housekeeping and laundry services 
    • Help with personal care 
    • Nutritious meal plans 
    • A chance to socialise with other members of the community 

    However, some of the most frequent complaints that assisted living facilities receive is a lack of privacy and difficulty when trying to adjust to this new environment. If you’re considering care homes as a long-term solution, but you also share some of these concerns, this is the perfect article for you. In this blog, we’ll share some of our top tips on how you can make your future assisted living facility feel more like home. Keep reading to find out what they are… 

    Do Your Research 

    If you want to have the best experience possible, it’s important that you research which facilities are available and within your budget. If you find an organisation that closely aligns to your values, you’ll be more likely to have a good time. Write down a list of qualities you are looking for as this can help you ask the right kind of questions when you contact the care homes. 

    Create Convenience 

    You should make your personal space as convenient as possible. For example, if you suffer from breathing difficulties, we suggest that you look for the best oxygen concentrators you can find. You want this chapter of your life to feel easy and effortless, so find ways that you can increase your day-to-day convenience. Other ways you can do this include investing in smart home products like Alexa to facilitate music and phone calls.  

    Bring in Photographs and Artwork 

    Another way to make this space feel like home is by bringing your personal touch to the area. Make sure to bring in plenty of photographs that feature your loved ones to make the space feel homier. Similarly, you can ask the care home to hang your most-loved paintings and artwork, to make it feel less monotonous and homogonised. 

    Add Your Own Scent 

    Every home has its own scent; however, long-term care facilities often have an unfamiliar smell. Although you may not be able to scatter scented candles around the room due to fire safety rules, you can still offer your own personal touch. Add your own scent by bringing in fresh flowers, using essential oils, or plugging in scented fresheners.    

    Bring in a Furniture Piece 


    Depending on the size of your room and the restrictions outlined by your residential facility, you may or may not be allowed to bring in a piece of furniture from your home. It’s unlikely that you will be able to entirely refurnish the space, however, you may still be able to enjoy reading a book in your favourite armchair (albeit in a slightly different environment). 


    Build Relationships with Staff and Seniors 


    Since you will spend a long time in your new home, it’s imperative that you make an effort to build relationships with both staff and seniors. These are the people that you will be interacting with on a daily basis, so why not try your best to make some new friends? Just as important as making new friends is keeping in contact with old ones, so make sure to pick up the phone and give them a ring as often as possible.  


    Make New Memories 


    Your new home may not feel as cosy and comfortable yet because you’ve not had the opportunity to make new memories. Don’t be afraid to embrace this new chapter of your life and make it the best experience possible. It will take some time to adjust and get settled, however, once you make this place feel like home, you’ll never look back. 


    Unfortunately, assisted living facilities have a poor reputation amongst members of our society. However, there is no need for a senior citizen’s residence to not feel like home. Take our tips on board and personalise your space to make your new home the most comfortable and inviting environment possible.


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