Best Refrigerator Brand in India 2021 Buying Guide & Reviews

Best Refrigerator Brand in India

Based on many reviews and opinions read on the forums, I wanted to buy a “No frost” refrigerator of a well-known brand, which does not make you defrost the freezer. So, in this article, we will give you a complete guide about the best refrigerator brand in India.

For many years it went perfectly, then it started not cooling well anymore. The technicians came, but they never solved the problems, and every time I went out, I had to pay for the call. On one occasion, I even paid twice for the exit on two consecutive days due to the lousy maintenance they did! I had to complain to the manufacturer about the misbehavior, but I have not solved anything.

So when it broke, I changed supplier. I wanted to do it for a long time. I think that doing a little bit of math, with the money I spent on all those outings, I would have bought two new refrigerators.

What is the best refrigerator brand in India?

When choosing the best refrigerator, it is essential to consider the design and best refrigerator, eating habits, budget, and where you want it positioned the freezer on the bottom or side. The best refrigerator brand in India LG, Whirlpool, Samsung, etc.

There are many models and configurations on the market. The price also varies greatly, from a few hundred euros for a classic type to over 5,000 for an American side / by / side. The high-end ones can even give you sparkling water with a built-in gas can. You can also let yourself be seduced by a vintage 50s style single door. The new models are attractive for optimal food preservation that have shelves and drawers with dedicated temperature settings.

Evaluate all energy costs well because, on average, the refrigerator, which has a continuous operation, already affects the house’s energy consumption by 14%: read the energy labels carefully and prefer where possible at least an A + or higher. Keep in mind that water/ice dispensers increase your consumption by 20%. At the same time, top-mounted freezers use 10-25% less electricity than other configurations. As for buying, the best and cheapest choice is online sales. Know that it is not worth buying low-priced refrigerators that you may find yourself replacing in a short time. But do not buy with your eyes closed and check the opinions of other users.

Best refrigerator brand in India


Best Refrigerator Brand in India

Made with the utmost practicality, it is equipped with a convenient sliding shelf: pulling it towards the outside. It is possible to arrange each food easily and efficiently, quickly reaching even the free spaces at the bottom of the refrigerator. Meat and vegetables can be stored at their optimum temperature in the Cool Select Zone. Samsung is the best refrigerator brand in India.

The two settings offer maximum flexibility: you can select 0 ° C to preserve the natural flavor of fresh cuts of meat, chicken legs, cod fillets, or the 3 ° C level to maintain all the freshness of fruit and vegetables.

Thanks to a larger opening than traditional freezer drawers, it is even easier to organize or take products, even the bulkiest ones, such as ice cream jars. In addition, the drawer can be pulled out to its full length to improve space utilization, and thanks to the improved design, drawers can be opened even when the freezer door is only 90 degrees open.

  • Sliding shelf
  • Differentiated temperature
  • Practicality

LG GBP20PZQFS refrigerator: Best Refrigerator Brand in India

Best Refrigerator Brand in India

This Total No Frost refrigerator is in energy class A +++, which places it at the highest levels of electricity savings. It is also appreciated for its silence: only 37 dB. With a refined and functional design, it has a digital display on the outside that allows you to monitor the functions of the appliance constantly. LG is one of the best refrigerator brands in India.

Its advanced technical features include:

Electronic temperature control.

LED lighting.

The patented Smart Diagnosis system.

  • Four digital internal temperature sensors.

It has a total gross capacity of 375 liters. The handles are integrated, and the doors are reversible.

  • Energy class A +++
  • Quiet
  • Digital display

Hotpoint E4D AAA XC

Best Refrigerator Brand in India

Designed with No Frost Air Tech Evolution technology, the appliance offers the automatic defrost function to prevent ice formation in the freezer and frost in the refrigerator. In addition, it guarantees high energy savings in energy class A ++.

Thanks to the Variable Temperature Zone, the dedicated freezer compartment can be set at any temperature between 0 ° C and – 26 ° C, creating the ideal and most suitable storage conditions based on the type of food. The Holiday function is ideal for leaving peacefully on holiday: the freezer maintains regular operation while the empty refrigerator sets a standby temperature, which allows you to keep the door closed.

Hotpoint E4D AA BC: Best Refrigerator Brand in India

Rounded shapes, long steel handles, metallic colors, a cleverly asymmetrical design: no detail is left to chance in creating this 4-door refrigerator. The appliance doubles the life of food without defrosting by hand thanks to the No Frost Air Tech Evolution technology.

The automatic defrost prevents the formation of ice in the freezer and frost in the refrigerator. In addition, active Oxygen technology maintains the freshness of the first day for up to 9 days, prevents bacteria from up to 90%, and develops odors up to 70%.

With the Holiday function, it is possible to keep the refrigerator on even in the event of a prolonged absence or vacation, saving energy: while the freezer continues to operate regularly, storing frozen food for return, the empty refrigerator sets a standby temperature, which allows you to keep the door closed, and therefore the interior clean, without the risk of mold and bad smells.

  • Energy class A +
  • No ice
  • Design

How much electricity does my refrigerator consume?

The refrigerator is responsible for a large part of household energy consumption. While, in fact, with all the other appliances, you can save money by using them a little less, with the refrigerator, you can’t. The only way to try and save some on your bill is to choose a more efficient appliance. Just think that a model produced today consumes about 75% less electricity than one thirty years ago. Older refrigerators, those manufactured before 2001, are incredibly energy-hungry. Not only that: they are also a source of pollution.

How to choose the best refrigerator brand in India?

Today’s refrigerators are not only more energy-efficient than ever but are also equipped with innovative technologies that can extend the shelf life of fresh food. However, with so many styles, options, and prices available, buying a new refrigerator isn’t an easy decision. Here’s what you need to know to make the right choice.

Best refrigerator brand in India: What types are there?

The ideal refrigerator your home needs to be the right size to meet your family’s needs. You can find them in different types, capacities, and price ranges, free-standing or built-in. Here is a brief overview of what the market offers.

Upper freezer             

It is the most classic type, with the freezer compartment located in the upper part of the appliance above the refrigerator. The interior space is entirely usable for food storage since there are no devices with additional features such as an ice-making system. It has a compact structure and is particularly efficient and low consumption: it reduces energy absorption from 10% to 25% compared to models with lower and side-by-side freezer.

Best refrigerator brand in India

Lower freezer

They are very comfortable combined refrigerators because they have the refrigerator compartment at eye level and the contents at hand. A typical double door refrigerator has a single refrigerator door on the top and a large freezer door on the bottom. Side-by-side models with two doors for the refrigerator and one for the freezer are also available.


Ideal for families who prefer to have a large availability of space in the freezer. The appliance is divided in two vertically. One side is for the freezer, and the other is for the refrigerator.

Some models are equipped with a beverage dispenser and an ice maker, which inevitably sacrifice some of the usable space for food storage. The central partition between the freezer and refrigerator also takes away helpful space.

Four-door: Best Refrigerator Brand in India

Dedicated to large families, four-door refrigerators are designed with many compartments that can keep food fresh for longer. They are equipped with a double door refrigerator in the upper part, a central door that hides a drawer for the most frequently consumed foods, and a freezer in the lower part. In addition, they usually have temperature controls and a drinks dispenser.


These are peelable models, which harmonize perfectly with the kitchen environment. Many appliances of this type include features such as compartment temperature controls and water and ice dispensers. In addition, in appliances with reversible doors, it is possible to choose the desired opening direction.

Compactor Mini

Perfect for an office or a kitchenette. Keep in mind that some models have only a quarter of the capacity of a regular refrigerator, but they cost the same. Thermal also, thermal performance is not always at the top, so better not to use them to store easily perishable food.

What size should the refrigerator be?

The most crucial factor in deciding the type of new refrigerator is determining which size fits your kitchen. Refrigerators are generally listed according to their internal capacity in liters, but it is more important to focus on the external dimensions, and width is usually the limiting factor. Here’s how to take the measurements correctly in different situations.

Replacing the refrigerator

If you need to replace your current refrigerator, you will most likely need to purchase a new one of a very similar width. First, measure the width, depth, and height of your current appliance. There are models of various sizes on the market to allow you to integrate the appliance into any space, even 1-meter refrigerators. This will allow you to narrow your search, focusing only on the suitable models for your needs.

Keep in mind that you need to provide some extra space to facilitate installation. Last but not least, especially if you are buying a more significant appliance than the previous one, also measure the space at the entrances of your kitchen and your home. You may run the risk of buying a refrigerator that doesn’t go through the doors.

Refrigerator for a new home

If you have to insert the appliance in a new home or a renovated kitchen, the first thing to do is measure the space you intend to place the refrigerator. When measuring, you must also consider the height at which the wall units will be placed. If the floor and walls are not yet tiled, think about the extra space that the cladding will require.

Leave two or three centimeters of space on the sides and at the top and back to allow for proper ventilation of the appliance. This type of appliance works by transferring the heat from the inside of the freezer and refrigerator to the outside air through coils placed on the back, so they need this space to work at their best.

Internal capacity

As you have probably noticed, appliance manufacturers put great emphasis on the internal capacity of the refrigerator. However, beyond the volume, other factors are more critical, such as distributing the internal drawers and shelves. So it is not so easy to compare equipment in this respect.

As a general rule, a 200-liter appliance may be suitable for a family of four. For each additional component, add 50 liters.

Best refrigerator brand in India: Tips to save energy 

You want to achieve maximum efficiency with your refrigerator without wasting energy unnecessarily. Below we show you how you can do to better preserve food without making your bill skyrocket.

1. Deactivate the self-defrost function.

Some models are equipped with an automatic defrost device, which prevents humidity. Unfortunately, unfortunately, this system uses 5 to 10% more electricity. If you want to reduce energy consumption, you can deactivate it by pressing a special button.

2. Avoid excessive cold

The refrigerator should be set to 2 or 3 ° C and the freezer to -27 to -23 ° C. Appliances adjusted to too low a temperature cause consumption to rise by up to 20-25%. Pay attention to the perishable state of the most delicate foods, such as fish, meat, and dairy products.

To test the appliance’s temperature, put a thermometer in a glass of water in the center of the refrigerator and leave it there for 24 hours. To test the freezer temperature, insert the thermometer between two frozen packages. 

3. Do not put hot food in the refrigerator.

Food safety experts say you should refrigerate hot foods to prevent contamination. But that doesn’t mean you need to refrigerate them immediately – you should do it within two hours of preparation (or an hour if the ambient temperature is above 30 ° C). An hour or two of cool-down time will make your fridge run less.

You have to find a compromise: the sooner you refrigerate it, the safer the food, but the more energy you use. For example, you can cool foods by placing them in a container and soaking them in a pot of cold water for 15-30 minutes, which reduces the amount of heat the refrigerator will have to remove once they are introduced.

4. Thaw food in the refrigerator

If you need to defrost food that has just been taken out of the freezer, place it in the refrigerator rather than on the counter. This will help increase the cooling capacity of the appliance as it defrosts.

5. Choose a suitable place.

Your refrigerator will consume less energy if you install it away from heat sources (such as the oven or direct sunlight) and in such a way that the heat it produces can quickly dissipate.

Help it dissipate the heat it generates by placing it along an exterior wall. If you don’t use air conditioning. Place the refrigerator in front of an open window to allow the heat to escape easily. This not only makes your refrigerator work less while storing food, but it also keeps your home cooler.

In this regard, it is good to know that a refrigerator uses 60% more energy in an environment at 30 ° C than in an environment at 20 ° C. But that doesn’t mean you need to keep your home cooler so that the refrigerator uses less energy. Because you would use more electricity to cool the environment – air conditioning is more energy-intensive than refrigerators. So instead, put your fridge in a good location, as we just mentioned.

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