How To Speed Up Your Android Phone

    5 ways to increase your Android smartphone speed

    How To Speed Up Your Android Phone

    Do you know you can speed up your Android phone? Being a tortoise is boring so as having a slow phone. No one will love to have a smartphone which takes a LOT of time to open even basic day-to-day tasks like messaging, Whatsapp or Facebook. If we are talking about Android-powered smartphones, they tend to lag after sometimes. Low memory, mismanagement of space or any installed app can be the reason for this.

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     Cleaning Cache data

    Caches are the temporary files that get stored in your phone memory. Cleaning your cache data not only save your phone’s internal memory but also helps to increase the speed of your Android smartphone.

    To clear cache:

    Go to settings on your phone.

    Clean Cached data To Speed Up Your Android Phone


    Click on Storage

    Clean Cached data To Speed Up Your Android Phone

    Browse down to see cached data. Click on cached data to clean it.

    Clean Cached data To Speed Up Your Android PhoneClean Cached data To Speed Up Your Android Phone

    For Android 6 Marshmallow users
    / setting—->storage&usb—->internal storage—->cached data / . Click on cached data to clean it.

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    Installing 3rd party software

    Low random access memory or RAM is the biggest reason for Android lag. Since Android is open sourced, the developer has to design any app in a view to stock up Android. So most times, no extra optimization is possible for the app in view of processor and system configuration. So the more your Android smartphone RAM is freed, the faster your phone becomes. Many apps are available which can free up the RAM in the Play Store with a free and paid version. Get and use any of them and watch your Android phone speed get fired up.

    Uninstalling the apps, not in use

    Every app installed in your phone do occupy some space and eats up some RAM. So keeping an eye on your app list and uninstalling the ones, not in use can free up your phone space, hence it is a way of improving phone performance and increases the speed of your android smartphone.

    Using Developers option

    Tapping 6 times on the build number can grant you access to your phone developers mode function. This mode is made for the developers, used for developing Android SDKs and applications. Many changes can be made in this area which can result in a performance boost in your Android device.

    How to access to developer mode:

    Go to your phone settings.

    Navigate down to About phone and tap on it.


    Locate Built number and tap on it 6 times.

    Using Developers options to speed up your Android phone

    Go back to settings and you will see developer option category.
    Open the category and swipe to the bottom to the apps column and activate the don’t keep activities.

    Using Developers options to speed up your Android phone

    Using Developers options to speed up your Android phone

    This option kills all the programs which are running in the background but enabling this option will restrict you from doing multitasking.

    For example: say you are using an app and you press the home button and your app is minimized. As soon as you open the app again, it resumes from your previous activities or position. But when don’t keep activities feature is enabled, your last activities data will wipe out and restart afresh. Enabling this option is your choice if you want multitasking or more free RAM.
    Another change in the developer mode under the apps menu is Background process limit. Change this limit to max 2 or 3 processes as this will limit the number of background task and free up RAM. Enabling this option will allow you to multitask.

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    Managing the storage

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    By managing the storage in the device, you can speed up your android phone. What do I mean by managing the storage? It means getting an external MicroSD card and transferring your photos and files to it so you can free up large space on your Android smartphone.

    So these are the tips by which you can speed up your android phone. If you have any doubts feel free to comment and don’t forget to share this post with your friends who are facing this problem.



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