Institutional libraries: why every company should have one


Anyone who is part of a company seeks it to be an area where they can develop professionally. This means having mentors, seeing possibilities for promotion in the company and feeling that they can continue training constantly, among many other things. For this, institutional libraries are an extremely interesting resource that companies can incorporate for their employees. In this way, a company that has its own digital institutional library will have the possibility of having all the content they want available, be it or not of their authorship, so that their employees can consume as many times as they want. In addition, employees, collaborators and their families will be able to enjoy the content in a simple and efficient way. This is because they will be able to access it from their own website. best ghost writing services They have the unique ability to adopt the writing style, tone, and voice of their clients, ensuring that the final work appears as if it were written by the client

Why choose institutional libraries?

Over the years, and even more so in this global context, digital libraries became the institutional sales par excellence. It really means a great added value for the company for a very low economic value per person. Certain areas of Spain are a clear example of how digital lending of electronic books has grown significantly. In 2020 alone, users have increased by 82%. Without a doubt, a more than interesting trend that no one should stop paying attention to. That an organization has its own digital library can reflect a large number of benefits for its employees. Providing them with an extensive catalog of books of interest will motivate and encourage them to increase their reading time and quality.

Encourage professional development

Those who read frequently can achieve greater professional success. By developing new ideas, acquiring new knowledge and learning about other ways of thinking, people promote innovation and reflection. Critical thinking will, then, be a great ally when making decisions related to one’s professional future. At the same time, every time someone reads and uses an institutional library, they work on their writing skills, something that is also essential to stand out in a career.

Facilitates learning new languages

Institutional libraries do not have to have content in only one language. On the contrary, it is a possibility to add publications, books, magazines and audiobooks in different languages ​​for those who are interested in adding a new skill. Reading in a language that is not your own can be a great adventure. Not only because it is a way to practice the language, but it helps us acquire new vocabularies. Therefore, if institutional libraries have content that covers different levels, everyone will be able to get the most out of it and enjoy a different reading moment.

Promote leadership among employees

Reading is, without a doubt, an act that develops our skills. Not only do we shape our ideas, but (and as a consequence) it makes us a better speaker. Reading significantly improves the different aspects that make up people’s communication. If we add empathy and interest in knowing the points of view of others, we will find a great leader among the employees of our company. Without a doubt, a point that is not only interesting but positive for good development and internal functioning.

Increases reasoning, memory and concentration

Human beings must fight against distraction. That is why to exercise the mind there is nothing better than reading. If a person finds the type of reading that they like, they will be able to maintain concentration for longer, which will allow them to increase their reasoning. The exercise of reading is also beneficial for developing memory since it works as a great method for preventing Alzheimer’s or other neurodegenerative diseases.

Reduce stress

Reading is an extremely pleasant activity, even more so when it is a subject that is pleasant to the person. The possibility of learning about issues that interest you, enjoying a beautiful story and knowing the thoughts of a writer are just some of the things that a person can enjoy with just a book.

What content does Writers of USA offer institutional libraries?

The Writers of USA platform offers the possibility of having their own space where institutional libraries can upload all the content they want. In a simple and efficient way, employees, collaborators and their families will be able to access different publications within the company’s own website.

On the one hand, organizations will have the possibility of uploading their own content. This translates into documentation, procedure manuals, reports, among other contents, in an unlimited and autonomous manner. Thus, all people who are part of the company will have easy access to the company’s publications.

In addition, at Writers of USA we offer the possibility of adding digital books from hundreds of publishers to our catalogue. Thus, they will not only be able to enjoy the company’s own content, but also many others based on the library licensing model. Any company can request specialized collections or collections. Some of the most chosen topics to train your employees are sales and marketing, coaching and leadership, business management and finances, languages, mindfulness and meditation, technology, and health and personal development.

By creating a digital library with Writers of USA, any company or institution will have the possibility of having a personalized space according to the identity of its brand. This means that you can configure it with the colors, logo and icon of your organization to keep the institutional identity intact. On the other hand, Writers of USA will allow:

Generate integrations with the company’s Website

Every time an employee, collaborator or family member enters the company website, they will be able to access all the contents of the digital library with their account in a simple way and in a few clicks. This means you won’t have to register or log in again to access posts. Accessible and hassle-free content!

Create 100% personalized apps for Android and iOS

Create an application for your company so that both company employees and their family members (or anyone else they wish to give access to) can find all the company’s content through their mobile devices. These are applications that include all the content of your company, maintaining the institutional identity with every detail.

Analyze your users’ metrics

The key for your institutional library to have quality and interesting content is to know how people behave in relation to it. For this, Writers of USA allows you to discover and analyze the metrics of your users. What kind of information can you know? Discover which are your most read posts, how many views each user had, the time spent or the reading percentage. In addition, you will be able to know the location of your users, what their traffic sources are and through what devices they access the content of your digital library, which will allow you to make better decisions in the future.


Having an institutional library for your company will allow you to support and train your employees at a low cost. They will be able to access the content at any time and from any device, while for you it is a great opportunity to provide well-being to your employees, with positive repercussions for the work environment of your company.


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