iPhone 11 Price In Pakistan

iPhone 11 Price In Pakistan

Apple iPhone 11 was the best movie of the Cupertino house. Not the most technically advanced but certainly destined to do the most significant numbers. Think of it not as the successor to the iPhone X and XS but as an upgrade to the cheaper XR. The screen remains an LCD with HD resolution (1792 × 828 pixels). The frame is aluminum, and there is no 2x zoom camera. For many, it could therefore be a simple iPhone XR ( we remind you of the review ) with an ultra-wide lens. It is instead the most appropriate and cheapest product to enter the world of the iPhone for many others. In this article, we will give you a complete guide about the iPhone 11 price in Pakistan.

iPhone 11 price in Pakistan

First of all, we will have to make sure about the price. The iPhone 11 price in Pakistan is around 164,300 RS. This is clear that the phone is not a mid-ranger phone by the looks of the price figure. So, we will be judging the phone in that passion.

But, taking the market as competitive as it gets, the iPhone 11 price in Pakistan may fall within a couple of months. This is a common strategy of the smartphone industry to keep hopes alive. This will trigger the market and the consumers as well. They will have the luxury to rethink the product or even end up buying it.


In design and size, it is identical to the previous iPhone XR. This year the colors change slightly and turn towards softer and less bright colors than last year, where bright and very saturated shades triumphed. Another difference is located in the back where the new camera module is housed, which becomes double. In the 11 Pro models, the back’s surface has a glossy finish for the cameras and a satin finish for the rest of the rear glass. Though the iPhone 11 price in Pakistan is almost at the one lacs 64 thousand marks, this phone still has a chance to make it big in sales. This treatment is reversed between the two elements on the basic model: satin for the chambers and glossy for most of the back cover.

The construction is impeccable, and the smartphone is excellent, also thanks to the aluminum side frame. Unlike steel, this type of material is slightly more slippery, but thanks to the rear glass, it is still possible to have a good grip. One-handed use is discreet. This is not a compact iPhone like the 11 Pro ( reviewed last month ), but you can use it with agility even without always resorting to the aid of a double handle. As per tradition, it is resistant to splashes, drops, and dust according to the IP68 rating (2 meters deep for about 30 minutes).

Even on the front, the design does not change. The bezels are still a little too thick compared to the 2019 standard, and the notch is the same size as the XR. Inside the upper gap are hidden the many sensors for face recognition, more and more precise: improved unlocking, it becomes faster. 


Let’s start with the hardware features because they make the iPhone 11 very close to its big brothers. Under the body beats the brand new A13 Bionic, a chip that allows you to have excellent performance in any scenario. Apple has vastly improved its hardware design capabilities in recent years, and with the latter model, it reaches the pinnacle.

In making the A13, Apple has dramatically improved the efficiency of its new 6-core CPU. Consumption was therefore reduced while maintaining performance unchanged. The GPU was also designed internally and used a four-core architecture. This means that under stress, with the most demanding games of the caliber of Call of Duty: Mobile, it shows no difficulty, and I never experienced any lag or loss of frame rates during testing.

From a performance point of view, iPhone 11 does not disappoint. The only criticism I can move towards the hardware components is the “lack” of RAM memory. Internally there are only 4GB of RAM, which is not enough to keep many applications open in the background. I noticed the problem while watching a video on YouTube: I paused, entered the camera app, took some photos, and once back on YT saw the app was loading from scratch and the video restarting from the Start.

The clues lead to a relatively objective evaluation: the memory RAM on the iPhone 11 is insufficient and the same type of problem I have already encountered on other devices in the “same conditions.” This hardly ever happens on modern smartphones with 6, 8, or more Gigabytes of this volatile memory; the problem could be related to the new cameras integrated by Apple that require a lot of computational power, an important request that may require the closure of other applications open in the background.


Liquid Retina display

  • Diagonal: 6.1.”
  • Resolution: 828 × 1792 pixels
  • LCD technology, 326 PPI, 1,400: 1 typical contrast
  • True Tone Technology
  • Max brightness: 600 nit

Apple A13 Bionic 7nm SoC:

  • Hexa-core CPU
  • Quad-core GPU
  • Third generation Neural Engine
  • Machine Learning Accelerator

Memory slots: 64, 128 and 256


Triple rear camera:

  • Main module: 12 MP, 26mm focal length, f / 1.8 aperture, six-element lens, OIS, 100% Focus Pixels
  • Wide-angle module: 12MP, 13mm focal length, f / 2.4 aperture, five-element lens, 120 ° field of view
  • True Tone Flash
  • Next-generation Smart HDR
  • 4K @ 60FPS video for all three cameras

Front Camera:

  • 12MP TrueDepth, f / 2.2 aperture 4K @ 60FPS video, slo-mo @ 120FPS 1080p

Battery: 3.110mAh. Support Qi wireless charging, 18W fast charging (Quick charger not included in the package)

Wifi 6, LTE up to 1.6 Gbps

New Apple U1 chip, based on Ultra-Wideband technology, will guarantee the device a more precise knowledge of its position in space (Active from iOS 13.1 onwards)

Face ID improved in speed and activation angle/distance.

IP68 water and dust resistance: up to 2 meters deep for 30 minutes

Dimensions and weight: 150.9 x 75.7 x 8.3 mm, 194 grams


Unfortunately, the display also remains unchanged. The same 6.1 inch IPS LCD panel with HD Plus resolution (820 x 1792 pixels) is used on the front. The screen has decent quality. Outdoors you can see well thanks to the 600 nits maximum brightness. This is an exemplary screen, but as the iPhone 11 Price in Pakistan is concerned, this is an upset.

The color reproduction is excellent and able to completely cover the P3 color space, but it remains a low-resolution screen that looks bad compared to the displays of competing smartphones in the same price range.

Being a “simple” LCD, you cannot fully appreciate the experience offered by the dark mode of the new iOS 13. OLED screens can completely turn off the pixels in the reproduction of blacks and therefore manage to provide greater immersion in the use of dark mode. On the iPhone 11, the blacks are consequently less intelligent and more grayish.


The iPhone 11 follows a well-established trend within the Apple world, giving top priority to wireless connections over wired ones. There is only one Lightning connector for charging (which can also be done via Qi wireless ), so it will be necessary to have an adapter if you want to use headphones with cable. Apple iPhone 11 128GB connections for wireless connections. 

The iPhone 11 offers standards of the highest level: LTE Gigabit and Ultra-Wideband (if present in your geographical area), wifi 6 (802.11 axes, the most updated bar on the market and still not widespread), and two × 2 MIMO technology both for connection to mobile networks and to wifi, which ensures better stability even during intensive use of the network. It is also possible to establish relationships with other devices via Bluetooth, updated to version 5.0 and NFC.


From the point of view of hardware components, the iPhone 11 offers excellent specifications. It mounts the A13 Bionic processor, capable of reaching a speed of 2.66 GHz, while the RAM goes 4 GB: a combination therefore that allows you to work in multitasking with multiple applications without experiencing slowdowns, an important factor especially for those who use your smartphone for work and looking for a model with solid performance. 

As for the storage space, on this page, we have considered the 128 GB model, one of the most popular for the good relationship between technical specifications and price. Apple iPhone 11 128GB hardware. However, it should be noted that there are also 64 GB versions, with a lower price, and 256 GB, this more expensive but suitable for those who need more space for applications, photos, and videos. It is essential to be sure of the amount of memory needed to meet your needs, as even in this iPhone, it will not be possible to extend the storage space via SD cards.


If we talk about the iPhone 11 cameras, it is very close to the capabilities of the two 11 Pro models, except for the 2x zoom shots. The rear cameras are both 12 MP, but the main one uses a standard lens, while the secondary is an ultra-wide one with an f / 2.0 focal aperture.

I also particularly liked the implementation of the wide-angle lens to which Apple has paid special attention. Software that excellently handles switching between cameras with an instant and pleasant transition. The shots appear very sharp, detailed, and free of noise. Video recording is also excellent, which also allows 4K at 60 fps.

iPhones have always been among the best smartphones for filming videos, and this year, they deserve first place in this category. You can therefore record up to 4K at 60 frames per second, but you can also take advantage of 30 fps and 24 fps for a more cinematic effect. The movie’s quality is of the highest level, and through a double stabilization (electronic and optical), you have videos without any vibration.


On the autonomy front, he was promoted with full marks. The integrated battery is not large, “only” 3110 mAh, but thanks to the optimization of resources (and new processor), you can get excellent results. You arrive in the evening, around 11 pm, with a 20% remaining charge. 

The least exciting thing about this department is the type of charger included in the package: the iPhone 11 is still sold with the small and slow 5W charger; the 18W one that we find in the Pro versions would have been more appreciated and can be purchased separately.


iPhone 11 is sold with the latest version of the iOS 13 operating system pre-installed. There are no particular differences compared to the software present in the other Pro devices, but I wanted to test this smartphone with the latest Beta 13.2. 

This new update brings some small bug fixes and the possibility (finally) to change the resolution and frame rate of the videos within the camera application. The operation is not yet very intuitive, you have to press on small writing at the top right, but it is certainly more convenient than the cumbersome steps that had to be carried out within the system settings with the old software.

The beta also brings with it the new Deep Fusion feature. We reserve the final judgments for the stable version but in the first tests. 


The wifi module has been updated, now able to connect to the new ax standard (wifi 6), Bluetooth 5.0, GPS supports Galileo, Baidu, and Glonass satellites there is also NFC for contactless payments. The possibility of using two physical SIM cards at the same time is still missing. In any case, the reception is excellent. For work, I travel every day and cross countless cells, and I have not found any anomalies. It is perhaps superfluous to point out that it is possible to surf in 4G +.

As always, the stereo speakers are of the highest level, with a case on the bottom and one in the ear capsule; the haptic feedback of the vibration is more than good, but the 3.5 audio jack is missing to connect headphones. The audio of the capsule is excellent. The sounds are clear and at an adequate volume.


iPhone 11 price in Pakistan in 3 memory sizes and six different colors. It starts at Rs. 156,300 for the base model with 64GB of internal storage. I do not think it is enough nowadays. In the era of 4K and increasingly large applications, it takes very little to reach saturation. For this reason, I do not feel I can recommend this version. I consider the 128 GB variant sold as more interesting and functional 164,300 RS. The first sales estimates speak of record volumes for Apple. 

We can bet that the iPhone 11 will be one of the box-office champions as iPhone XR has been until now, also one of the five best-selling smartphones (and of great long the most sold in the high end of the market). The step forward made with the dual camera is more than palpable. The “Apple” experience is still guaranteed.


  • Fast and smooth
  • Excellent autonomy
  • Photos and videos of the highest level
  • Faster and safer Face ID


  • No Type C
  • Still HD LCD
  • 64GB base model memory
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