Global Smartphone Sales 2018: Huawei Set To Overtake Apple In Sales Ranking

    Huawei ranked second in global smartphone market
    Image: ZDNet

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    Amidst the unfortunate arrest of Huawei’s top executive and the daughter of the founder, Meng Wanzhou in U.S which has created a heated trade wars between United States and China; Huawei has recorded a great success globally in smartphone sales 2018. According to a review by NIKKEI ASIAN REVIEW, over 200 million units of Huawei P20 smartphones has been shipped  globally in 2018, placing Huawei second in global smartphone sales ranking 2018.

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    Meanwhile, the arrest of Meng Wanzhou, 46 in Canada has caused a great trade rift between the United States and China with some Countries and companies across the world shying away from Huawei’s communication equipment. According to report, Australia, the U.K. and New Zealand have joined the U.S. in excluding Huawei equipment from their next-generation 5G mobile networks. Japan effectively banned Huawei and ZTE from government contracts earlier this month to prevent leaks of sensitive data.

    In 2017, a report from International Data Corporation shows that Huawei controlled 10.4% of the global smartphone market, behind Samsung Electronic’s 21.6% and Apple’s 14.7%.

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    Worldwide smartphone shipments according to latest reports from Gartner and DxoMark  revealed that smartphone market sales is expected to fall for the second straight year in 2018.




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