Is it best to paint over ceiling paint with semi-gloss paint?


    Semi-gloss paint can stick on the ceiling when it is in good condition. You should be aware that semi-gloss paint will not adhere to it efficiently if the ceiling paint is dirty or damaged. Semi-gloss paint won’t abide well to ceiling paint if there is any dust present on the roof. Additionally, cracking or peeling off the ceiling is also the cause of the destructive results of paint. 

    Most painters in Perth recommend preparing the ceiling before painting with semi-gloss. So, if you paint your ceiling with semi-gloss, you must know the quality of the paint. 

    It is highly suggested to hire expert painters if you are not skilled at painting ceilings. Because professionals know the best semi-gloss paint to use and how to prepare the roof for painting.

    Can you use semi-gloss paint on the ceiling? 

    It is normally not recommended by painters in Perth to use semi-gloss paint when the condition of the walls is not good. Because semi-gloss paint dries more slowly than standard flat ceiling paint, if you use semi-gloss paint on a roof you have to wait for some time to get the best results. 

    Semi-gloss paint is additionally more reflective than standard ceiling paint. As a result, unlike flat ceiling paint, which conceals flaws, semi-gloss paint will draw attention to and reveal spots, scratches, and dents in the ceiling. Semi-gloss paint’s thick, oil-based texture makes it more challenging to apply than regular ceiling paint, which is another reason it might be considered unacceptable by professional painters Perth for ceilings.

    The adhesiveness of semi-gloss paint

    The adhesiveness of the semi-gloss paint is good. But it takes a lot of time to get dry. To get a better result of adhesiveness you have to prepare the wall and fill the holes if any present. 

    In particular, if the top coat is moisture-resistant, the semi-gloss paint won’t adhere to previously sealed ceiling paint unless the top coat is removed. Since ceiling paints are generally not sealed, you wouldn’t usually need to bother about this because painters in Perth know how to deal with that situation. 

    Steps for paint over ceiling paint with gloss paint 

    1. Check the dryness of the ceiling paint

    In the first step, you have to know what is the condition of the ceiling. If the condition of the ceiling is good you can directly start your painting project. Mostly, people can not keep an eye on the ceiling before starting their painting and as a result, there paint get starts to crack and give a dull look. so, it is very important to check the dryness of the ceiling. 

    2. Clean the paint from the ceiling

    The paint on the ceiling must first be cleaned of all dirt and grime. Although it may not appear, ceiling paints are frequently very dirty because they are covered in dust, debris, and other unwanted materials. 

    3. Spackle Compound To Fix The Ceiling

    You can get a good look at the ceiling by repairing dents, flaws, and damages when the ceiling paint is clean and free of debris. Because semi-gloss paint is reflective, it will draw attention to any spots in the ceiling. So, commercial painters Perth ensure its roof is clear from all the dents. Mainly it refers to applying exposed compounds to the top for repair.

    Using gypsum and water is also referred to as a joint compound. To seal, cover and repair damaged and scratched portions of the ceiling. The powder can be mixed and applied. Before beginning your task, you must wait until the paste has completely dried after using the spackle compound.

    4. Sand the painted ceiling

    Before applying semi-gloss paint, sanding is a critical task performed by painters in Perth. Use fine-grit sandpaper to sand the ceiling paint. Make sure to keep a close eye on the ceiling sections you repaired with the spackling compound because it has a tendency to dry unevenly. After sanding, wipe the ceiling paint with a clean cloth to remove the dust.

    5. Use semi-gloss paint

    Use a paintbrush to apply semi-gloss paint. It will be easier to reach ceiling fixtures and sharp turns if you use an angled paintbrush.   Two coats are also an option, but both must be thin and even. Also, ensure that semi-gloss paint is sufficient time to dry in between coats. To ensure proper bond strength when applying multiple coats over the ceiling, lightly sand the surface between semi-gloss coats. Make sure to give the semi-gloss paint at least 24 hours to dry after applying it before attempting to clean or wipe the ceiling.

    Conclusion: Using the gloss paint on the ceiling gives a unique look. But it is helpful to properly clean the ceiling before an apply coat of semi-gloss paint. You must make sure that there are no cracks and holes available on the ceiling. 

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