Island Boys Net Worth, Early Life, Career

Island Boys Net Worth

Have you ever heard the popular song ‘I am an Island Boy’? Did you like it? The singers of this popular song are Island Boys. This twin has won thousands of audiences’ hearts with their music and stylish appearance. Are you curious to know about Island Boys net worth and more?

In this article, we will introduce you to the real Island Boys and their personal life. Without any further delay, let’s dive into the article.

Who are Island Boys?

Island Boys are twin brothers who became famous after releasing their song ‘I am an Island Boy.’ Their real names are Alex Vanefas and Franky Vengas. They are now celebrities and popular personalities. With their epidemical tunes, they became an internet sensation.

Island Boys were born on July 16, 2001. They are now 22 years old. Their stylish appearance and tunes have stolen the heart of the people. At a very early age, they became popular and sensational faces on the internet.

In addition, Island Boys holds a strong position in the music industry. Both of them are talented musicians.

Key Points About Island Boys


Island Boys Twin Brothers
Net Worth $2 million
Age 22
Born July 16, 2001

What is Island Boys Net Worth?

In 2023, Island Boys net worth is $2 million. The sources of their net worth are Tiktok and Youtube channels. They have a Youtube channel with 28.4k subscriptions. In addition, they earn money from TikTok videos.

Island Boys Net Worth

Furthermore, they have a fanbase that supports them a lot. Another income source of Island Boys is sponsorship. They sponsor or promote something in their videos. In addition, brand promotion is another source of Island Boys Net Worth.


2019 $10 thousand
2020 $100 thousand
2021 $250 thousand
2022 $1 million
2023 $2 million


The Source of Island Boys Net Worth

The public figure, Island Boys generate their income from multiple sources. Apart from music, they have other sources to earn money. As they are celebrities, many companies hire them to promote their products. In short, they established themselves as brand promoters.

Releasing videos on YouTube and tik tok is the primary source of their earnings. They have a YouTube channel with 242 thousand subscribers. The videos on the channel have over 160 million views. Thus they earn from Adsense by releasing new videos.

Furthermore, Island Boys earn from Spotify, which has over 433 million users. The American brothers showed their talent to the world. They established themselves as successful rappers and content creators. They earn around $254 per month.

Along with that, they established a cameo company named ‘Shoutouts for Sale’. This platform is also a great source of Island Boys net worth. Besides, they have launched a merchandise retail store where they offer branded T-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts.

Early Life

Island Boys are raised of Cuban descent. Unfortunately, their father passed away at an early age. After that incident, they were raised by their mother. They had to face a lot of hardship.

Island Boys Net Worth

In addition, at a very young age, twin brothers involved themselves in criminal activities. So their mother kicked them out at the age of 18. When they were in jail, they decided to become rappers. Unfortunately, they did not get any chance to educate themselves.


Island Boys got famous because of their song ‘I Am and Island Boys’. After releasing this song, they became an internet sensation. In addition, they became well-known by creating videos on TikTok and Youtube.

Franky started his musical career in 2020. His songs were released named ‘Real Right’, ‘9 In’ and ‘Smoke’. After that, both of them released ‘I Am an Island Boy’ in 2021.

After gaining popularity, they started doing Tv shows and giving interviews. Though they faced a lot of hardship, they made their career with a different fanbase. Their enthusiasm makes them successful.

The eye-catching appearance of Island Boys always attracts the audience. Their mesmerizing tunes create a special environment that heals the broken mind.

The Island Boys are developing themselves day by day. In addition, their career progresses with unstoppable attempts. They are pursuing their passion and trying to hold a strong position in the music industry.

Moreover, they are growing their net worth by earning from different sources. As they are celebrities, their personality, and appearance become the center attraction of the screen. People love to watch them with their mesmerizing appearance.

Why are Island Boys Famous?

Island Boys became famous because of their song ‘I am an Island Boy. This song has created a storm on the internet. The actresses of this song got the attention of the people. People started to follow them.


In addition, their unique appearance, such as hairstyles and outfits, also attracted an audience. With their stunning personality, they became famous in a short time.

Popular Songs

  1. Life has been food
  2. Stardom
  3. Trendsetters
  4. Big Bamboo
  5. Red Red Wine

FAQ on Island Boys Net Worth

Why was Island Boys famous?

Island Boys got famous because of their song ‘I Am an Island Boys’. This song made them an internet sensation. They have been taken by the internet storm for this song.

How popular are Island Boys?

Island Boys are popular personalities in America. They have more than 1 million followers on TikTok.

Why did Island Boys go to jail?

Island Boys involved themselves in criminal activities from an early age. They involved themselves in the robbery. In addition, they became drug addicted. However, they were arrested after pushing a girl into the pool.

Who is the girlfriend of the Island Boys?

The name of Franky’s girlfriend is Amina. She is a social media influencer.

Are the Island Boys on Spotify?

Yes, they are on Spotify.

Were The Island Boys Parents Rich?

Their parents were not rich enough. After their father’s death, they faced a lot of hardship. They grew up with their mother.

Final thoughts

Island Boys are an inspirational character who established themselves as a global icon. With their talent and honesty, they became an internet sensation. Island Boys net worth will grow according to their activities.

Undoubtedly, they are the icons of many people. They showed through their performance how to accept uniqueness and appreciate that. In short, they are a perfect combination of talent and personality.

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