5 Million Samsung Galaxy A Smartphones Sold in India in Just 70 days

    Samsung, Galaxy A, Android smartphone
    Picture credit: express.co.uk

    Samsung reported that 5 Million Galaxy A Android smartphones have been sold in India within the first 70 days of launch. The Samsung Galaxy A-series launched in India two months and a few days ago, and in just 40 days after the launch, the company sold 2 million units. That number doubled 30 days later to a total of 5 million units.

    According to a statement by the Chief Marketing Officer of Samsung India, the company generated $1 billion in revenue. The company reportedly expects the fiscal year 2019 revenue to reach million. (Valium) Although Samsung’s revenue in India for the fiscal year 2018 was $5 million, the company expects most of its sales to come from the Galaxy A-lineup.

    Meanwhile, the prices for the latest Galaxy A smartphones range from INR 5,300 ($75) to INR 29,000 ($410). The average selling price over the first 70 days after launch in India was INR 14,000 ($200).

    Samsung claims to control 77% market share in India’s premium segment, which it defines as INR 30,000+. Even in the midst of having a good market share in India’s premium segment, the company is facing stiff competition from Xiaomi and Oppo in the lower segment of the market.


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