The Future of the Internet – Metaverse


The Metaverse is a virtual reality in which its inhabitants – real people – really interact with each other and the objects of the virtual world. For such interaction, virtual and additional reality technologies are used, which appeal to all 5 sensory receptors of people, as well as to their motor skills. Thus, a complete immersion of human consciousness in the Metaverse is achieved. 

The most famous cinematic Metaverse is the Matrix, from the anti-utopian film trilogy of the same name. Meta (Facebook) has already launched the world’s first social VR platform where residents can communicate with each other in a virtual space. The developer CEO at sees far-seeing business companies eyeing tomorrow’s Metaverse technologies today. Below we consider the advantages of metaverse.

Components of the Metaverse

Until recently, the term Metaverse could only be attributed to cinematography, computer games, and science fiction. Today, however, the phenomenon of the Metaverse is rapidly bursting into our reality, for example, back in 2021, the Meta made a breakthrough – it launched the Horizon Worlds virtual social network. Moreover, this new format of virtual interaction with real people at the level of motor and sensory gives users not only intellectual or emotional pleasure, but is designed to change the real world. At the same time, this technology raises privacy, liability, and intellectual property rights concerns. An attorney practicing Web3 law can help organizations ensure their forays into the metaverse comply with all regulations.

  • Additional reality. 
  • Virtual reality. 
  • Movable structures that mimic movement. 
  • Mining technology borrowed from sandboxes, such as Minecraft.
  • Cryptocurrency.

In modern computer technologies, the components of the Metaverse are already used separately. We are discussing the technology of virtual and augmented reality: with the former, you can visit the museum, and with the latter, you can catch Pokémon. In 7D cinemas, the mechanical movements of the audience are used to convey to them the dynamics of what is happening on the movie screen. In the computer game Sword Art Online VS, gamers are so deeply immersed in virtual worlds that after leaving the game without solving game problems, real players die – this may be the future of humanity in the Metaverse.

Another existing metaverse is Decentraland, which is a segmented sandbox (it consists of 90,601 land plots) in which its inhabitants create, use, and monetize virtual content. Sandbox and monetization technologies are two more components of the Metaverse that allow: the first to create virtual content, and the second to convert it into the real world. 

When will the entire Internet become the Metaverse?

Company, whose developers closely follow the development of computer technologies, suggests that although the Internet we are used to will not disappear, the Metaverses will take the lion’s share of this. This will gradually happen over the next 10 years. Metaverses will replace social networks, and the entertainment industry, and will also be deeply integrated into educational processes. 

In business, the metaverses will be used for advertising. Imagine that before you buy a car, you can drive it along your usual route – from home to the gym, and from the gym to the club – to get feedback from real friends. States and companies will be represented in the meta universes. Briefly, everything that does not require the physical presence of people will be transferred to virtual reality. 

The most daring idea is that each person individually will be able to create his Metaverse, in which you can live – study, work, and rest – continuously according to the algorithms you created. For such individual meta-universes to be successful, they need to attract inhabitants. The meta universe that attracts more inhabitants than others will create development trends. And the fuller the users’ immersion in such metaverses, the more influential these worlds will be.

Caution – the metaverse

Based on the dystopian scenario of the development of virtual reality, the common sense of gamers and the competition between metaverses serve as a safeguard against the subjugation of the will of real people. 

Benefits of the Metaverse for Business Development

According to our experts from, the technology of the Metaverse – the complete immersion of the user in virtual reality – opens up fantastic opportunities for the development of small and large businesses. This can be used both at all stages of marketing research before the launch of the production of real goods and in promoting goods through the marketing funnel. The value of the metaverse for business lies in a more interactive connection (this is, involvement at the level of emotions and unconscious micro-movements) of a business with its customers.


The power of the metamorphosis of the Internet we are accustomed to in the meta-universe can be compared to the changes that occurred when a computer and access to the World Wide Web appeared in every home. The significance of this cannot be overestimated. The Metaverse is the next stage in the evolution of digital technologies. ( To reap the benefits of the Metaverse tomorrow, you need to prepare for them today. Areas of the business that will be the first to benefit from the Metaverse: 

  1. The gaming industry. 
  2. E-commerce and marketing. 
  3. Distant work. 
  4. Education, social networks, and entertainment. 

If your business is one of the first to be introduced to the metaverse, you will undoubtedly attract the attention of potential customers. To start introducing your company to your customers as a Metaverse, promote yourself in mobile apps and web portals. Engage customers in your services and products with virtual and augmented reality. For example, if you run a travel business, allow your customers to go through the entire route offered by your company using virtual reality glasses. 

If your business is education, organize virtual conferences, if sales – interactively demonstrate your products, if advertising – introduce innovative tools to popularize goods, services, and ideas.

The Metaverse and Cryptocurrency 

The digital technologies that are used in these two areas are interconnected: in the virtual world, virtual money is needed. For example, you need to get a special “Disney currency” to have fun in an amusement park of the same name. Another common denominator is the technology for mining both unique digital products and cryptocurrencies. 


Even modern digital technologies represent a disparate Metaverse. When these disparate parts become one, it is only a matter of time. To remain relevant in today’s world, a business must already introduce elements of tomorrow’s metaverse – the presentation of goods using virtual reality glasses, trying on clothes using augmented reality, cryptocurrency settlement, and a romantic meeting in a virtual social network. The future is already here, knocking on your door.


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