Your Macbook Trackpad not Working? Here’s How to Fix it

    Your Macbook trackpad not working? How to fix Macbook trackpad problem

    Macbooks have one of the best trackpad you can find. It’s very sensitive and helps you get things done faster due to its support for inputs from multiple fingers; one, two, three and four allowing to easily switch between programs and seamlessly scroll through web pages.

    There are times when Macbook trackpad tends to misbehave. It does its own thing; open files, close tabs, changes pages, opens, closes, etc. It’s a kinda headache especially when you need it seriously to get things done. Several factors can cause it to go crazy. In my experience, I just went to class on a busy day ready to put my MacBook to work and the trackpad refused to respond.

    The cursor was now cutting, copying and pasting and kept opening other apps I didn’t want to. I was completely astonished for some time since it was the first time I saw a thing of that kind. I began drawing conclusions that my trackpad is spoilt. Before then I quickly turned it off to avoid my mates seeing it. Later when I closed for the day, I went online, scanned and read dozens of post from people with a similar problem and each had a unique way of solving it.

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    So instead of making quick decisions that your MacBook trackpad is not working or is dead why don’t you try any of the four strategies below and see which one will fix your MacBook trackpad. Now I ask again, is your Macbook trackpad not working? Here are what to do to get it fixed.


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    Mac trackpads are very sensitive and any little dirt or something sticky can cause it to lose focus. Gently wipe the surface with a clean piece of cloth and very likely to get back to normal.

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    Moisture or dirt may find its way into the tiny gap between the trackpad and the MacBook body which will cause the trackpad to lose control. To fix this, get a clean piece of paper, place the tip between the thin horizontal line and slide along each side of the trackpad using a new corner of the paper for each. Any moisture or dirt stuck in there will be absorbed by the paper and your trackpad should be live again, else, continue reading.


    This procedure is quite ridiculous but has worked for quite a number of people. A little slap on the trackpad brought it back to work normally, like magic. Note, I said a little slap, a soft one indeed. Nobody will be responsible when you cause damage.

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    4: This is the method that worked for me after trying all the above. Macbook trackpads I learnt, are made of glass. And any irregular flow of current can cause an electric current to get stuck on the surface and cause it to misbehave. So this is what I did, first I plugged in my MagSafe adapter to a wall socket. Connected it to my mac like I was charging it. I took off my shoes and placed my feet on the ground. Then I placed my four fingers on the trackpad while my foot touched the ground. I waited for a few minutes and the current got absorbed by my body. I took off my hands after a minute or two and everything was working normal again. I realized the wall socked where I charge my mac wasn’t working properly and might have caused the irregular flow of current.

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    MY TAKE!

    This is all I can give you now. If any didn’t work for you, I suggest you continue reading or visit a professional mac mechanic or an apple store near you. You can as well check out these great tips provided anysoftwaretools.

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