The Main Characteristics of Truly Smart Women


Is it true that intellectual women behave in some special way? This is a question that should be explored in more detail.

What distinguishes a dumb woman from a smart one in her behavior, and are there so many of these differences? Let’s analyze this question and determine the signs that give away really smart ladies. 

How do you imagine smart women dating? Take a closer look at your acquaintance’s and find out if there are smart women around you.

Distinguishing Traits of Intelligent Women

It so happens that after receiving a higher education, or even several, women remain completely unadapted to the realities of life. 

Who is a really smart woman? And what qualities does she possess?

First of all:

  • Doesn’t try to show off her intelligence.

Wise women will not impose their own opinion or be clever. 

Some people mistakenly believe that smart people are those who are constantly giving out advice, telling them how to do something right. It is often the opposite. Wise women will not impose their opinion or be clever if they have not been asked for help. And such ladies definitely won’t defend their point of view to the last minute in an argument. They will only list arguments and leave the right of choice to the opponent.

  • She knows how to assert boundaries and desires.

A clever woman knows where the line is, which is not worth crossing and does not hesitate to point directly to the attempted violation of personal boundaries. 

Another hallmark of a really smart woman is the ability to assert boundaries. She knows exactly where the line is not worth crossing and does not hesitate to point directly to it. The clever lady will not tolerate inconvenience, personal comfort is important to her. Just to defend its boundaries such a representative of the beautiful half of humanity will not shout and scandal, and politely.

  • Always able to present herself correctly.

A smart woman will always be able to demonstrate her strengths in time or turn a mistake into a chip.

Do you know those ladies who never seem to get into trouble? The fact is that they simply know their weaknesses and strengths. These women quickly navigate the situation. A smart girl always manages to show her strengths in time or turn a mistake into a chip. If she doesn’t get too nervous and behaves naturally, everyone will think it was necessary. Smart women often resort to this method and always present themselves advantageously.

  • Not Lying to Myself

A clever woman will not deceive herself or indulge in empty hopes. 

Such a woman is well aware of her abilities. She is a bit skeptical and does not like to think ahead. Lying to herself consumes a lot of resources, so why waste this energy if the problem sooner or later will have to be solved? A shallow girl will not deceive herself or indulge in empty hopes.

  • She is not fixated on a man.

Smart women are often lonely or don’t have very smooth romantic relationships. 

Another hallmark of most smart women is that they are often lonely or don’t have very smoothly formed romantic relationships. Why? Because a man sees such a partner as a competitor in the first place. In addition, many guys want a pair of “someone easier,” because a woman with a baggage of knowledge is not fixated on the chosen one – she can perfectly cope with everything without him. Such a lady always has hobbies and friends with whom you can spend your leisure time without your other half around, which is certainly important for a healthy long-term relationship.

  • Able to plan, but lives in the present

Smart women know how to allocate their energy and time wisely. An ability that many of us lack is the ability to make plans for the future, not to dwell on it, but to live in the present. How many people in the world suffer because of the syndrome of “postponed life”? And smart women know how to allocate their energy and time competently, not focusing on the past or the future and catching good moments for themselves in the present.

  • She knows how to make jokes about herself.

Self-irony and a good sense of humor have always been considered companions of high intelligence. 

Self-irony and a good sense of humor have always been considered companions of high intelligence. A smart woman will be able to remember a joke at the right moment. She doesn’t mind laughing at herself if the situation allows. Unlike the stuffy and stupid, the wise lady will not think that in this way humiliates herself in the eyes of others.

Now think about it, do all the points match up? Or are there qualities that are worth paying attention to? Remember, there is no limit to perfection, and it’s up to the girl whether she should work on herself or stand by and watch other women improve and develop. (gabapentin)

Intelligence vs. Wisdom

It’s easy to be smart. It is good for work, business, and career. But for family happiness, you also have to be wise. But wisdom does not always come with old age, sometimes old age comes alone. You can be wise in your twenties, or you can be stupid in your sixties. 

So what is the difference between a wise and a smart woman?

It is important to consider the following points:

  1. A smart woman will try to improve herself by adjusting to beauty and fashion standards to please those around her. The wise woman loves and accepts herself as she is. 
  2. Clever, noticing mistakes, shortcomings, and flaws, will certainly point them out. And a wise woman will pretend that she did not notice, and will support, reassure, encourage, and help find the error.  
  3. A smart woman at work will do all the work herself because it is more convenient and faster. And a wise woman will gather her colleagues around her, create a friendly atmosphere and teach her colleagues how to work as a team.
  4. A smart woman chooses her path, realizing herself not where she likes, but where it will bring her more dividends and benefits. A wise woman is self-sufficient. She will choose a cause to her liking and pursue that which brings her pleasure and joy. 
  5. A smart woman in a conflict will be a hot potato to prove that she is right and will not be the first to reconcile if her opponent was wrong. And a wise woman will be the first to reach out for a peaceful resolution to the conflict to end the pointless confrontation, even if the opponent was wrong. 
  6. A smart woman accepts all compliments and praise to her address as a given, considering herself truly the best. A wise woman is never stingy with compliments and gratitude to others, not taking her successes for granted.  
  7. The smart woman wants to change the world, but the wise woman wants to change herself.
  8. A smart woman will be annoyed by stupidity. She will certainly tell the person and, though not with malice, she may offend the person. A wise woman knows that irritation is a sign of a bad mood.  
  9. A smart woman will think that only those who are right are happy. And a wise woman knows for sure that he who is happy is the right one!

Wisdom brings love, happiness, and harmony.  

It is important to learn how to be a wise woman. That is the key to the lock of the happy life you can dream of. 

It is commonly believed that men do not like smart women. However, as it turns out, stupid women do not attract them either. Men appreciate women with wisdom. It is these representatives of the weaker sex, not only attract men but also cause a desire to walk with them in life. 

Having acquainted with the list above, now you can easily determine the intellectual features and the essence of the girl you like.


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