These poker variants are ideal for mobile players


The online age has opened up the world of poker to a new audience. In fact, it is estimated that about 120 million people around the world play online poker, and about half of them are in the US. Of course, it is increasingly the case these days that “online” equates to “mobile.” Mobile poker is certainly popular, and while you can play just about any poker variation online, some are a better fit for today’s mobile handsets than others. 

For example, if you want to get serious and play multi tables at Omaha or Texas Holdem, you really need to use a PC or laptop. The following poker variations, however, are perfect for mobile players.

3-card poker

This pared down version of poker is played against the dealer and was invented in 1994 – just when mobile phones were starting to hit the mainstream! You could be forgiven that it was designed for mobile play, with its simple UI and rules. Normal poker rankings apply, but as there are only three cards, these are simpler than in other poker games. 3 card poker has become one of the most popular poker games at live US casinos, so why not check out the online poker deposit options at your site of choice and try your luck? 

Video poker

Another casino classic, video poker has actually been around since the 1970s, and its appearance has changed very little 50 years later. Again, simple rules and user interface make it a great choice for mobile players. Another advantage of video poker is there are so many free training apps. If you are dedicated, you can really get to grips with your strategy before you start playing for real money. If you play a video poker game like deuces wild and always follow perfect strategy, you can actually push the house edge below zero. It’s not easy, but it is possible, so there’s plenty of incentive. 


This unusual variation is based on 7-card stud. In fact, basic gameplay is identical, with the game going through a series of betting streets, just like Texas Holdem. The difference is that here, there are no community cards. The even bigger difference is that scoring and strategy is turned on its head, as the objective is to finish with the worst possible hand. 

Caribbean Stud

This game is very similar to 3-card poker in concept of play. Again, it’s just you and the dealer, but this time there are five-card hands in play. Dealer shows one upcard, and from looking at that and your hand, you must decide whether to double your ante and play or cut your losses and fold, coming back another day. To qualify, the dealer must have Ace-King or better. If not, it’s a push and play stakes are returned. Caribbean Stud is a perfect next step after 3-card poker, as it is just that little bit more complex. It is also supported by some great training apps.


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