What is the history of Asia Cup?


Many of the best cricket teams in the world are from the Asian continent. The best cricket match odds are on 1xBet, which are also excellent when reviewing matches from these squads. Some of the best national sides from this part of the world are:

  • Pakistan;
  • Bangladesh;
  • Sri Lanka;
  • and of course, India.

In the early 1980s, the Asian Cricket Council was born. As its name suggests, it was an entity tasked with organizing and overseeing cricket in the continent. Competitions sanctioned by this entity are also benefited by the best cricket match odds, which are on the 1xBet online bookmaker.

Setting up a new competition

Once the Asian Cricket Council had reached a sufficient level of internal organization, it was decided to create a brand new, continental cricket competition. Its idea was that the best national squads from this part of the world could play against each other. The most complete cricket live score https://1xbet.in/live/cricket can be reviewed by all members of the platform, and they also feature the Asia Cup.

The first edition of the then-called Rothmans Asia Cup took place in 1984. The country where it was hosted was the United Arab Emirates, specifically in the city of Sharjah. This first edition of the competition was won by the Indian national side. All cricket live scores from the Indian national squad are also available on the 1xBet online bookmaker, where everybody can follow the performances of this team.

Subsequent editions

The tournament continued to take place roughly every two years. However, this competition had some turbulent times. For example, the 1986 edition of the tournament was organized by Sri Lanka. However, due to external circumstances, India decided to pull out from the championship. Don’t forget to wager on the website 1xbet.in India – online sports betting can be made on all matches of the Indian national side.

Four years later, there was another edition celebrated between late 1990 and early 1991. This time the host was India. Yet, also due to external circumstances, Pakistan decided to withdraw from the tournament. Because of the same reasons, the 1993 Asia Cup was canceled. The competition reached more stability from its 1995 edition onwards. The Asia Cup of that year was hosted again by Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. Subsequent editions of the tournament also saw the addition of new teams. An example were the United Arab Emirates themselves, who despite organizing the tournament didn’t feature a team of their own. Hong Kong was also invited to other editions of the Cup. Whenever the Asia Cup is being celebrated, you will be able to make online sports betting on all its matches through the 1xBet India platform.


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