Whether you expect your first, second, or even seventh child the excitement and the urge to shout out to the world. That you are a future mom and a future dad is always the same. Rather than just announceyour pregnancy, how about revealing it in an original way? Between surprise and joy, your loved ones will be in heaven.

    The pregnancy test and the blood test have just confirmed the happy news: you are pregnant, you are a future mother. Anyone can understand your excitement and impatience to share it with all of your loved ones. However, it is customary for your other half to be the person you put in the first place. Afterward, you can announce it to your families and friends. Whether you say it right away or prefer to wait three months to break the pretty news, this article is for you.

    10 ways to announce pregnancy

    Women fear twice as much as before to announce their pregnancy to their partner. So use your imagination to learn in a funny, moving, or mysterious way the future arrival of your baby.

    1.The greeting card

    Are you looking for an original way to announce your pregnancy to your partner? Prepare him a Father’s Day greeting card valid in 9 months! He won’t understand right away, but his reaction will be worth gold.

    This option is also ideal if you want to announce it in style to your family and friends. For example, this greeting card is perfect for announcing to your dad or stepfather that he will soon be a grandpa! You can give them or send them all a greeting card with a photo of your first ultrasound. You can be sure to find this famous cliché on the fridges of future grandparents!

    2.The shopping list

    Do you usually go shopping with your other half? Again, could you give him a pleasant surprise? You can slip a container of detergent into your shopping cart by saying, “I think we will have to take a more suitable detergent now.” Open mouth guaranteed! How long will it take to understand?

    1. The email

    Often considered impersonal, emails can be efficient if you do not live next to your loved ones and offer the advantage of informing everyone at the same time. Rather than writing a text, you can make an animated GIF featuring your ultrasound, pregnancy test, partner, and you.

    Another easier option: a simple photo!

    1. The cake

    When it comes to announcing your pregnancy to loved ones, cakes are becoming more and more popular! Cookies on which you will write “baby,” “future parents,” “pregnant” or “dad” (if you announce it to your spouse) or even cake with icing made by a pastry chef: whatever option you choose, you can be sure that it will have its effect! Most? If you want to celebrate the good news, you will already have dessert!

    1. The book

    First name guide or advice book for future parents: what if you announced your pregnancy to your partner by giving him a helpful gift? Observe him well. He will go from confusion to surprise then to joy! For example, this guide to the super future dad should have its effect!

    6.The pea

    On Reddit, many Internet users share the way they announced their pregnancy to their partners. One of them, Karen, explained that she slipped a pea in her husband’s hand.

    Under the puzzled gaze of the latter, she said to him: “You want to hear something crazy? Your baby is as small as this right now”.

    After a brief moment of confusion, her husband finally understood and cried for joy. Many people found the idea simple but just great! Moreover, many of them admitted to having reproduced it.

    Equipment? You need a pea!

    1. The discussion

    Does your mother often annoy you about the grandchildren she would like to have? Does she ask you if you are pregnant as soon as you seem tired or feel nauseous? Surprise her will be very easy. Complain that you are tired and as soon as she asks you for the umpteenth time if you are pregnant, say “yes.” Believe us; she won’t expect this answer!

    1. Christmas decorations

    Reserved for the end of the year holiday season, this original way of announcing your pregnancy generally melts future grandparents. When visiting their home, treat them to a baby-friendly Christmas ornament in a small box such as a small pair of newborn-sized slippers, like this tiny pair of white slippers, or a pacifier. Not only will they be moved and in heaven but in addition they will be delighted to have this Christmas decoration as a souvenir.

    For those looking for an original option, the movie poster is ideal. All you need to do is make a poster on which you can read the approximate date of your delivery as well as a photo of your pregnancy test or of your couple (or family if you already have children).

    1. The expiration date

    Only possible if you already have a child, this option will make all your loved ones laugh. All you need to do is write on a white “only child” T-shirt and an expiration date corresponding to your delivery date. If you have more than one child, write on their elder, younger, etc., t-shirts. And cross out the mention to write the one that will correspond to reality once your new child is born.

    1. The riddle

    Announcing your pregnancy is good, making your loved ones guess it is even better! To let them know when your baby is about to arrive, think of word games, riddles, or better yet, quirky photo ops. A shadow showing a round belly, original texts inscribed on your belly and that of your spouse, or even a play on words with a mark synonymous with baby: let your imagination run free!

    Family and friends: when and how to announce pregnancy?

    Depending on what you can anticipate from their reactions, there may be some surprises! And this is also the reason why some families with a somewhat stormy atmosphere. The announcement is sometimes very late. If custom, has it that they are happy with you for this upcoming birth, you may be surprised at each other’s reflections.

    Come to think of it, is it so unique? This new life shakes up everyone’s roles and positions, sending your parents to the rank of grandparents, worrying your girlfriend who is not yet settled and who sees the end of your “student” evenings, or rekindling the jealousy of a sister who may have difficulty getting pregnant on her own.

    It’s up to you to choose the method that suits you best: an “official” invitation, a simple phone call, first ultrasound, supporting images? When all goes well, these moments of the announcement can be an opportunity to evoke memories of his childhood, “When I was pregnant with you,” and to start dreaming together around first names and projects.

    The pregnancy test: pharmacy, laboratory, or doctor?

    The test at home: easy, fast, and very reliable (provided you wait for at least a day or two after the presumed date of the rules), it appeals to many future mothers, who thus favor being the first, namely, without the intervention of a medical third party, and even if some of them do it in the company of their husband, their best friend, or their mother! Others, on the contrary, need this time of solitude to integrate the news and decide how to announce it afterward to the close relations.

    The laboratory: generally on prescription, the blood test has the advantage of detecting very early (after eight days), and undoubtedly possible, the existence of pregnancy, and even more or less date it (depending on hormone concentration).

    The medical examination will often only confirm the results of the previous two methods. Still, it is the doctor’s words, “Madam, you are expecting a child,” which will bring this pregnancy into reality, into the possibility for the woman to say and to say to herself, “I am pregnant.”

    Gynecologists equipped with a tiny ultrasound machine will also allow their patient to see the embryo and listen to her heart. From this moment, we will calculate the probable date of conception. And that of the expected term, sometimes raising strange coincidences of dates, birthdays, mourning, important family events. That will already be part of that child’s story.

    FAQ on How to Announce Pregnancy

    1. How to announce an unplanned pregnancy?

    Take the time to take stock of what is happening to you.The reality of what is happening take stock of what YOU feel about this unplanned pregnancy.Take stock of what matters to YOU, of all the feelings and questions that this surprise pregnancy raises in you.

    1. How to announce a pregnancy to friends?

    Imagine a funny photo featuring the elder (s), and why not the dad. For example, have them hold up a sign with a humorous message announcing this news: “Baby alert! I will be a big sister! Twice the hugs… I will soon be a big brother! “.

    1. How to announce your pregnancy to your sister?

    Announce your pregnancy to the big brother or big sister

    For the little ones, a quiet moment with a straightforward announcement will do just fine. Have him touch his mom’s belly if he or she wants and be available to answer any questions.

    1. What week risk of miscarriage?

    Miscarriages affect about 20% of pregnancies. “So it’s a widespread event. It most often occurs between the 8th and 9th week of amenorrhea.

    Conclusion of How to Announce Pregnancy

    For this announcement, exit the Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter posts! Moreover, you do not necessarily need social networks. All it takes is a little imagination to announce your pregnancy initially. There is bound to be a surprise in the air and a thousand ways to teach people around you the happy news: They will guess, scratch, decipher a message, or scrutinize a photo. So, if you think this article is helpful for you, let us know your opinion.

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