5 Reasons Why You Should Convert Your Word File to PDF

Why Convert Word File to PDF.

Now that a lot of us are working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, files are sent and received online. You must be wondering why most people are starting to share their files in PDF form. Sometimes, they would even request that a file be sent in this format. Although there is a bit of extra work to have your file saved as PDF, many find it worth it because when it comes to file-sharing it is the most accessible, convenient, and trouble-free format! This article details 5 Reasons Why You Should Convert Your Word File to PDF.

PDF, or Portable Document Format, is an open file format that is widely used for exchanging electronic documents. Whether it’s your documents, images, tables, forms, images, and web pages, all that is in the file will be saved and exactly displayed on any device and browser. This is why file-sharing in schools, offices, businesses, etc., opt for PDF file formats since it is the safest and most secure option. 

Below are a few of the many reasons why you should convert your Word File to PDF!

1. PDF Files Are Very Accessible

When it comes to portability, PDF files are surely the one! One reason why you should switch from Word to PDF is that you can bring your files with you anytime and anywhere. This type of file is accessible in almost all browsers and devices, may it be on your computer, mobile phone, tablets, etc. It is because it was developed as an open standard format and it has extensive support from many software applications. 

Since any operation system works well with PDF files, you can view, transfer and share your files efficiently and with ease. Not only that, but it is also easier to upload and share them on the internet. 

PDF files are universally compatible. You will not have to worry about the file not being able to open or struggle with the documents’ disarrangement.

2. Your Document Is Fixed

A common problem we face with sharing word files is that because we use different word processing software as well as different versions, our documents tend to become disarranged and the format appears to not look exactly like the original file. The fonts are changes, images are misplaced, the spacing gets altered, etc. This often causes misunderstanding and confusion on both ends, the sender and receiver. 

With a PDF type file, you will rest assured that your document file will remain the same as how it was saved whether you open and view it on whatever device or browser. It will always display the same data, image, words, tables, graphs, etc. You will no longer face issues with disoriented files.

3. PDF Files Are Interactive and Visually Presentable

Upon viewing PDF files, users can effortlessly scroll through the documents without having to worry about any distortion or movement happening. You can also zoom in and out the document with no problems. Another thing is that even if your word file is converted to PDF, the graphics’ quality is retained. Your portfolios and reports will look great when presented through PDF!

PDF files are also interactive because hyperlinks, music, movies, file attachments, etc. can be highlighted. You can link them in your file and when clicked, the viewer can be redirected to it. Through this, you can make your viewers jump from one content to another from your PDF file. There’s just so much that you can do with PDF! Amazing!

4. PDF Files Are Reliable and Secure

Another thing to take note of about PDF files is that they are uneditable. This means that after it is saved, your file cannot be modified by another user. They can only view and interact with the file. So whatever format, text, image, graph, table, etc. that comes with the file will be the same upon viewing. They are reliable in a way that the content you put in the file will be received exactly. 

Also, with PDFs, you can limit the people who can have access to it by protecting it with a password. Some files may contain private and sensitive information so this feature can help give your document an extra layer of protection for people who are authorized to view it. You can also add watermarks to avoid plagiarism issues. Even though PDF files are accessible anywhere, you can still secure them!

5. You Get a Smaller File Size With the Same Quality

When your document contains a lot of images and graphics like shapes, tables, graphs, the file size will most likely be big and it will take a while for your file to load. What’s great with converting your Word files to PDF is that everything in it will be merged and compressed without affecting its quality. The file size will be smaller but the quality remains. Also, with a smaller file size, it is faster and easier to share and view it!

Where to Convert Word File to PDF

You can save your Word files directly to PDF in the word processing software. But another convenient option is to go online and convert them to websites that offer PDF-related services. Sites such as PDF Bear, GogoPDF, SmallPDF, SodaPDF, etc. have a variety of PDF tools that will help you with file conversion, organization, optimization, security, viewing, editing, and e-signing. They work very fast and are easy to use. It will only take about 3 steps to convert your file. Plus, they are free, but you can also get a premium membership for more convenient tools! Feel free to check them out! 


With almost all of our documents circulating online these days, file sharing can also be so handful even with the convenience of technology. Word files, especially, encounter a lot of issues with the wrong format, viewing, accessibility, and many more. But sharing files with PDF will make work a whole lot efficient and stress-free. PDF files are like a treat so go send and receive files in the most convenient way possible!

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