Discover Why You Need to Visit Marseille

Visit Marseille

Situated on the southern coast of France, visit Marseille has been a cultural hub since its founding back in 600 BC. this incredible seaside city has its history of being a port of immigration and trade throughout its history and is rich in local culture. 

True, when you think of a trip to France the most iconic destinations come to mind, like Paris, Nice, or Normandy, however, this port city should also be high on your priority list to visit as soon as possible. With a bustling, developing culture of nightlife, art, cuisine and some of the most beautiful, natural waterside attractions you will see, Marseille will earn a place on your travel inventory. 

What to Expect When You Visit Marseille

One of the most attractive aspects of Marseille is its seaside charm that permeates its entire culture. With a strong African presence culturally due to being a common port with its neighboring content, Marseille is a place like no other on the southern French coast. 

You will have a rich blend of nationalities that can be felt in everything from the architecture to the food and entertainment. However, these are some of the top things to check out when you make your way to Marseille this year. 

The Mediterranean Welcomes You 

If you have ever seen the Mediterranean then you know that it’s one of the most beautiful seas in the entire world. Its crisp, blue water is always refreshing and it borders some of the most incredible countries and experiences on the planet. 

The nice thing about heading to Marseille is that you can’t make the trip without seeing some of the most beautiful Mediterranean beaches in existence. Not only do these sandy shores hold up to some of the most iconic beaches in France, but they have the charm of Marseille that you will quickly find is an inviting one.

These beaches are laid back, gentle, and welcoming to anyone who wants to enjoy their sandy shores. Make sure you bring your favorite bathing suit, and your favorite sun protection, because visiting Marseille will always include some fantastic days spent next to the beautiful Mediterranean sea. 

You Have to Try the Bouillabaisse 

Marseille has its own unique feel and culture that make it such a great destination for a nice getaway and adventure. One of the most significant characteristics of this city is its signature dish, bouillabaisse. This is a local cuisine that is a local cuisine that is unlike any other dish you can get anywhere else. 

Originally developed by locals as a way to make use of the odds and ends of fish products that were left over, this dish has now been refined and developed into a signature experience. Using local fish brought in fresh to the port city, this incredible dish is now composed of five main ingredients and is still a local favorite, as well as a top tourist attraction. 

The Architecture of Marseille

Not only does Marseille offer you seemingly endless sea fronts that are beautiful, inviting, and temperatures that are pleasant, but the city brings something special as well. This port city in the southern end of France houses some of the most stunning architecture in the country, such as the Notre Dame de la Garde Basilica.

When you have had your fill of the beautiful nature surrounding this coastline city, the city itself welcomes you. With a historic blend of French and African cultures that make this one of the most unique weekend destinations, you can’t go wrong getting a tour of all the city has to offer. 

In fact, grabbing a tour of the city is one of the best things you can do in order to help get a lay of the land and better direct your energy and time. Taking a tasting tour will also help you find all the best places to get the true flavor of this remarkable port city.

Storage in Marseille 

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What Is Bounce?

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Bounce is there no matter your need, to take anything from a backpack to a carry-on off your plate and keep it secure for you. 

How Does it Work?

Bounce is one of the easiest, streamlined processes you can imagine. You simply download the app, search the city you are trying to explore, and then find one of the multiple storage locations that best fits your day. If you’re in Marseille, you can choose from various points throughout the city, whether you’re visiting the Basicila, or near the Port of Toulon. 

Once you book your storage, you drop off what you want to be held for you, and you simply don’t think about it until it’s time to pick it up. With easy to use interface and plenty of storage options, Bounce is sure to be one of the best ways you can improve your entire adventure as you visit Marseille this year. So whether you’re seeing the city for the first time or returning to explore again, make sure and use Bounce to keep your luggage safe and enjoy your trip! 


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