Have Foldable Phones Caught On Yet, or Are They Just a Fad?


Samsung has chosen to preview a very early version of a foldable smartphone. There is a lot of anticipation about this right now and Royole, who are a top Chinese company, have launched their own take on the concept just a couple of days before. A lot of manufacturers have also said to be joining the fray. They are doing this from next year, so it is going to be very interesting to see how things end up with that. 

That being said, before you go and get too attached to products like this, it is important to know that you may not end up getting one. It would seem that foldable phones are truly a solution to an issue that is yet to exist. From what has been seen, they are super clunky as well. Sure, they may dominate the headlines for the next year or so but after this phase is over, it would seem that they are going to be phased out with the rest of technology.

From a Casino, Gaming and Entertainment POV

If you love to game, then you may think that smartphones that can fold are a good option. Unfortunately, this is not the case at all. In fact, they are clunky, and the screen has to be smaller to account for the foldability. If you are entirely reliant on the screen to control the slots or whatever game it is you are playing, then you will soon see why this can be a huge detriment to your experience overall. The last thing you want is to try and find the best mobile casino sites, only to find that the phone that you have bought doesn’t support the best gaming experience. One thing that a lot of people think about is the fact that the screen unfolds into a much bigger screen, but think about it, do you need a bigger screen? At the end of the day, the tablet market is not growing. In fact, it is shrinking. Smartphones are taking over and they are now big enough for you to watch the occasional video or even read a long article. The phone maintains the factor of being manageable throughout all of this.

Is Bigger Always Better?

Sure, gaming may well be a very good option for foldable phones if you are just playing very basic games. As people say, bigger is usually better when it comes to tech. Another thing to take note of is that it could be easier for you to fit another battery pack or even more processing power into a phone that can fold rather than a normal one and this makes sense if you have a gaming device. The phone may well turn out to be good enough that it is a niche product at best. That being said, people do not see it sweeping the smartphone market any time soon.

A Solution that Isn’t Needed

It’s safe to say that foldable smartphones are a solution that we just don’t need right now. If you want a bigger screen then you can use a tablet, but the phone you have will never be a tablet. In fact, look at the phone that you have right now. It doesn’t even matter what brand you have either. 

If you can now imagine it unfolding so it reaches double the size, then you will soon find that it is either hard to hold in your hand or it is nearly a tablet which you wouldn’t want to carry around with you anyway. Manufacturers will want to play into this as much as possible and it is entirely plausible that they will market them as being a tablet and a phone in one. 

Two reports have said so far that Samsung is finding it hard to deal with the issue of the phone being too clunky or too wide when it has been folded too. This is of course another issue. People want something that fits into their pocket and as time goes by, iPhones are getting thinner too. Of course, with all of this in mind, Samsung has tried to decide if the phone they release should fold vertically or whether it should fold horizontally. 

That being said, more research has to be done to see if any of them are plausible and even if there is hype when the phone launches, this won’t last and it’s safe to say that things will soon die down.




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