How is the underground parking lot cleaning carried out?

How is the underground parking lot cleaning carried out?

For an underground car park, whether it is a condominium or a business, cleaning is essential to ensure and maintain the salubrity of this place. It is one of the most important points in doing parking lot maintenance.

Indeed, the cleanliness and condition of this space are essential elements that influence the image of a company and the well-being of your employees. However, this often represents a particularly difficult operation. Indeed, depending on the condition of the premises and the surface to be cleaned, maintenance often requires the use of specific equipment and the intervention of a company specializing in the cleaning of industrial buildings which also cleans the car park.

What are the considerations for parking lot cleaning?

The configuration of the space is an essential factor to consider when cleaning a parking lot. Indeed, this space does not necessarily have a drain grid, which represents a major constraint during cleaning. For this type of parking, it is mandatory to opt for alternatives that do not use water. They generate an additional cost that must be taken into account.

The condition of the building is also a factor that can greatly increase the cost of this service. The need for cleaning is greater for new or renovated premises, unlike an already functional car park. In the latter case, it is cleaned daily, which reduces the accumulation of dust.

Why clean the basement parking lot?

Regular cleaning of the basement car park is mandatory both for the well-being of employees and for the image of the company. A welcoming, well-maintained, and clean space also ensures the health of customers and employees.

Cleaning is one of the maintenance tasks required for the various elements of the car park. Indeed, the accumulation of humidity, grease, and fuel weakens the surface and the structure of the car park. In the event of damage, repairs can be significant, which generates a considerable cost. To avoid this, it should be maintained regularly, especially when it is in the basement.

Calling on a cleaning company saves considerable time, unlike concierge services. Likewise, having the necessary equipment and resources to carry out the park maintenance, these cleaning professionals ensure quality work.

What is basement parking lot cleaning?

There are different approaches to maintaining and cleaning a basement parking lot.

Eliminate moisture

Humidity is a real danger for underground parking. Indeed, due to the absence of sunlight, moisture evaporates slowly, if at all. This accumulation often causes the formation of mosses or lichens which degrade the concrete. Thus, it is essential to use a water-dust vacuum cleaner to effectively remove the smallest puddle of water.

Scan the whole space

To keep a clean car park, it is recommended to sweep it regularly, ideally every day. This helps to fight against excessive dust accumulation and prevent it from adhering to the floor, making cleaning complicated. Since this operation requires meticulousness and coverage of the entire surface of the car park, the use of specialized devices is necessary. The sweeper with an integrated vacuum cleaner is in this case the ideal choice for its many features. However, depending on the surface to be cleaned, it is recommended to choose a high-performance model. For this, it is necessary to consult a professional.

How to maintain a clean parking lot?

In addition to regular cleaning, some actions help maintain a clean parking lot:

– Daily disposal of garbage to avoid accumulation and complicated cleaning work;

– Order in the car park, vehicle arrangements, circulation space for cleaning machines, facilitate daily maintenance;

– Regular treatment of oil and fuels is essential to facilitate the interventions of professionals and possibly reduce the cost of operations.

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