Main Differences Between Latex and Mylar Balloons

Latex and Mylar Balloons

Inflatables are an incredible way to elevate the look of a party venue without excessive spending. That is why party decorators and enthusiasts prefer to buy balloons as soon as they send out the first invitation. – Latex and Mylar Balloons

However, many customers ask questions about the materials balloons are made of. With a plethora of current choices, decorating the venue might become somewhat intimidating. So, what are the core differences between latex balloons and their Mylar counterparts? Which of those are more durable? 

  1. Latex inflatables

Latex inflatables are the type of balloons everyone is familiar with. These are usually round colorful rubbery toys we have known since childhood. Although technology has advanced significantly over the decades, balloons still look recognizable, therefore, become one of the first choices at any party. 

These balloons usually have a round or oval shape and are made of latex – a material more durable and modern. Also, this material has become recyclable, which means not detrimental to nature. Latex inflatables are the best choice for numerous events because they are highly customizable. Nowadays you can print anything on your balloon, add any picture or text. 

Latex balloons also come in a variety of sizes, from 5 inches in diameter to 24 inches. The material also allows manufacturers to produce balloons in a number of shades and finishes, from matte to glossy and even metallic. 

Latex inflatables can be filled with either air or helium. Although balloons made of rubber used to pop under pressure or hold their shape poorly, nowadays, it is possible to get the inflatable lasting for more than two weeks! The most significant characteristic that differs latex balloons from helium ones is that they work with air well. Decorators and party hosts can save a good dime on not renting helium tanks using only hand or foot inflators. 

Finally, latex balloons can be made into various shapes because the material is so flexible. Oval and round inflatables are not the only things on the market. Elongated twisting balloons and peculiar shapes are available in almost every online store. There is a low chance of the inflatable popping even after applying pressure and twirling them around. 

  1. Mylar inflatables

Mylar balloons are made of a nylon base and a foil or aluminum outer coating. The unique technology allows these inflatables to stay more durable, hence the bigger price. You can always recognize this type of balloon with a metallic finish which always looks expensive and reflects light well. These inflatables look eye-catching and shiny. Additionally, they can float for an extended time without shrinking. Also, it is extremely difficult to make that balloon pop because of the material it is made of. Mylar balloons rarely scare little kids because even after interference with a sharp object or applied pressure, the decoration piece is most likely to deflate and shrink in size. 

Mylar balloons are heavier than latex ones, so they rarely work well with cups and sticks. Also, they frequently have self-sealing valves and come in a variety of shapes. Mylar inflatables can be made into any cartoon character with endless details. High-end printing also looks much more realistic on Mylar balloons because the material is highly dense and doesn’t shrink, unlike the latex ones. 

One of the main differences between latex and Mylar balloons is that the latter should be filled with helium. Although filling Mylar inflatables with air is entirely possible, it is not recommended for extended periods. Mylar balloons filled with air can serve as props or wall decoration, but they will not stand well due to the weight of the material. 





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