Motorola one fusion plus specifications

Motorola one fusion plus specifications

Motorola phones were one of the significant brands back in late 2000. Things were going as planned. The market and the consumers were loving the phones. But things started to get tough by late 2006. Other brands were pacing up, and Motorola and their Moto phones were not that engaging. For this, they began to lose their potential customers and fans. This resulted in many flop products or low market sales. Here we will give you a complete guide about Motorola one fusion plus specifications.

By the year 2008, Samsung and Apple started producing engaging phones. These were the final send-off for Motorola phones. In 2009, Motorola decided to shut down all the proceedings. They disrupted the productions of their phones as well.

But in 2001, Android smartphones were slowly taking the driver’s seat. The significant companies observed the hidden potential of the Android OS. So, they started developing and later on producing smartphones. This was a revolution in the smartphone industry altogether. The major surge came in when people saw the functionality and applicability of smartphones.

Lenovo, a prominent electronics and computing industry giant, saw the hidden potential in the smartphone market. So, they started making Lenovo phones. At that time, Motorola was trying to survive in the tide. Things took a 360-degree flip when Lenovo proposed to buy the company. Merging with Lenovo is probably the Oxygen that Motorola needed.

With the advanced tech support and already an established name, Moto relaunched themselves with their phones. The Smartphone world was very competitive. So, it was hard to restart again. But Moto just hung in there and kept making good quality smartphones. Now, they are back on track. People are starting to love Moto as they did before.

Budget Phones and Moto

Moto did learn one thing from their mistake. They are now concentrating more on the more significant chunk. Big dogs like Samsung and Apple are mainly targeting the sky-high specs and the luxury market. But the real potential is hidden in the mid-range. Moto was able to detect that.

Thus, all the Moto Phones are focused in that mid-range area. This is an excellent tactic to gather more and more crowds. And I must tell you. They are doing a pretty good job. The phone which we will be discussing today is a brand new phone in the market, Motorola One Fusion Plus.

Yes, I know, the pandemic has shaken the whole world. And people are not into gadgets now. But still, this phone has certainly caught some eyes now.

I will look into all the aspects of this phone today. It will clear all the doubts of mine as well as yours. So, do stick with us till the very end. I will be covering all the possible aspects of the all-new Motorola one fusion plus specifications.

What to Cover

Motorola one fusion plus specifications is the newest addition in the Moto phone family. And by the looks of it and the specs, I think this is going to be a show stopper. But not too fast! I will be covering all the aspects of the phone. These categories will allow me and my audience to have a proper understanding of the phone’s true capability. The criteria that I will be covering are:

  • Design
  • Display
  • Performance
  • Camera
  • Battery
  • Sensors and Other Features
  • Water Resistance

From this very list, we will be going to the first segment. Coming up next is the Design of the Motorola One Fusion Plus. So, let us dive into it.

Design of the Motorola One Fusion Plus: Fit to Perfection!

By the initial expression of the phone, this is a gorgeous one indeed. Coming straight from the design department, this phone is unlike any other traditional Moto Phones. The main attraction of this phone is the notch-less full-screen display.

Now, you guys will be wondering, where is the selfie camera? Let me clear the doubts for you. The selfie camera comes with a pop-up mechanism. This has been a trend in the smartphone industry. The mania of getting full-screen experience is at its prime peak where all the companies are trying to get this pop-up thing to be perfect and flawless.

By the looks of it, Moto has nailed a pretty good job. If we look closely, this phone is made out of a combination of plastic and glass. The one material covering does give the framing an extra push to toughness. This also upscales the design factor by a considerable margin. Moving on to the aspects of the phone, the all-new Motorola one fusion plus specifications has a quad-camera setup. This is a good move by Moto.

The dimensions are pretty standard as far as the other competitors in the market are concerned. The length of the phone is 6.41 inches. This is not a small phone. So, people with small hands like me will have a problem. On the other hand, this phone has a width of 3.01 inches. A big phone with a wide-body; that might be the situation here. To finish off this debate, the thickness of the phone is 0.38 inches. This phone is a shy thicker than usual. It is because of the elevated camera bump.

Motorola one fusion plus specifications: What to Look Out for?

Speaking of the camera bump, this might prove to be an issue. In daily usage, the phone is often kept on the back. The uneven platform will be a good scratching magnet for the phone. The elevation of the camera bump will certainly be an issue there. There is a high chance that this phone will have some scratches shortly.

On the other hand, this phone is a huge fingerprint magnet. So, the users of this phone will have a hard time cleaning the phone all day if you have OCD. Other than that, this phone is good as far as the design goes.

Overall, I liked the design very much. The full-screen experience, the pop-up camera unit, the plastic steadiness for the framing and body add up to a good score.

Now, we will be moving on to the next segment, which is the display of the all-new Motorola One Fusion Plus.

Display of the Motorola One Fusion Plus: The Full-Screen Wonder!

On the very first impression, things got a bit interesting when we saw that this phone does NOT have a notch. The thing is that this phone has a pop-up camera unit for the front-facing module. So, this time, Moto has the luxury of having a full screen on this phone. But I am a bit amused that the bezels are not that shrunk. They could have easily done that.

But on the contrary, I kind of like some meat in the chins and bezels. Unfortunately, they kind of ‘forgot’ to give a notification light on either of the screens. Nonetheless, they have done a good job.

But this panel is IPS LCD! Mid rangers, nowadays are offering AMOLEDs in their phones. But this time, Moto has a reason. The thing is that an AMOLED screen cost almost three times of the IPS LCDs. SO, staying in the budget is a huge mountain to climb for the manufacturers. So, they decided to save the money on the screen panel. This is has proven to be a huge gamble which kind of paying off. You will be clearing your doubts on the next segment. But now, let us have a closer look at the display itself.

Motorola one fusion plus specifications: IPS in Full HD?

As I said, this phone comes with an IPS LCD panel. Despite being an IPS Display panel, this is a great screen. This phone comes with a full High definition display. The resolution of the screen is 1080 into 2340 pixels. The PPI count is around 396 PPI. This is a very bright screen, of course. But in the brightness, it will have some limitations as IPS LCDs have. The screen is of 6.5 inches. On the other hand, the screen to body ratio is almost close to 83.3 percent.

The main factor of the screen is the viewing experience. AS it is a full screen, this will provide the best ever experience by an IPS LCD before. As the cherry on the top, this phone support HDR10 contents. So, you can crank up any favorite Netflix shows on the phone with the best every quality.

Overall, this phone has a good and responsive display. But still, some of you are scratching their heads and trying to find out what exactly was the problem in AMOLED. We will be clearing the doubts in the next segment.

The following segment has been one of the most anticipating and crucial ones for any smartphone. Yes, you have probably guessed it earlier. I am talking about the performance of the all-new Motorola One Fusion Plus.

Motorola one fusion plus specifications: Snapdragon Wonder!

Before just digging into the numbers, we will first have to understand the different components and units of the performance section. The performance section of a particular phone can be divided into two units. The first unit is the software unit. The software unit is mainly the driver of the car. It rums all the associate software that ensures the smooth running of the phone. On the other hand, this unit is divided into two major components: UI and OS.

The other unit is the Hardware unit. It is considered as the engine of the car. There are several components that align together as a team and work according to the instructions given by the software unit.

The performance lies in the collaboration of the two said units. First of all, we will see the software unit.

Software Unit

This phone comes with android as its operating system. The latest version of Android, which is Android Version 10, is installed in this phone. This comes with a wide range of functions and features. The UI or the User Interface is also optimized and well set up. This phone is running very smoothly. In fact, the screen and the other components are really complimenting the phone.

Motorola one fusion plus specifications: Hardware Unit

The chipset is the all-new Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G. This is a flagship like mid-ranger SOC, which is an Octa-Core Processor. This comes with a combined speed of 2.2 GHz. The GPU is Adreno 618. This phone comes with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of Internal Memory.

The performance is superb, and I liked it very much. Now let us move on to the next segment.

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Cameras of the Motorola One Fusion Plus: Quad and Pop!

Speaking of the rear camera, this phone comes with the trendy 64 MP + 8 MP + 5MP + 2MP setup for the quad-camera. This combination is so popular that I will not be talking about it anymore. The pop-up mechanism has fall detection so that it will have good security. The selfie camera is 16 MP.

The camera performance is pretty good. The low light performance is a pretty decent one, in my opinion. Do let me know if you think the same.

Now, let us move on to the next segment, Battery.


This phone comes with a whopping 5000 mAh battery with 15 Watts fast charging capability. This is a must-have nowadays. The endurance of the phone is almost over 135 hours in standby.

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Sensors and Other Features

The fingerprint sensor is rear-mounted. All the sensors are included.

Water Resistance

This phone is splash-proof. But no IP rating is available.


  1. Does it support wireless charging?


  1. Does it have any water resistance?

It is splash-proof.

Wrapping Things Up!

So, that was all for today, folks. The all-new Motorola one fusion plus specifications was a great phone to have. I definitely recommend the Motorola One Fusion Plus to people who are into multitasking. On that note, Good Bye!

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