Phones with best battery life 2022 


For some users, having a phone with good battery life is more than just a convenience. If your phone’s dead, then even the world’s most impressive camera or fastest processor isn’t doing you much good. However, today’s phone batteries typically provide one day of use, which has become a standard for many. However, those of a certain age will never forget that phones used to need recharging only once or twice a week. 

The days of all-day battery life are behind us, at least for now. But advancements in processor efficiency and large-capacity batteries, coupled with the ability to vary screen refresh rates, have helped bring us some great battery lives. Now is the era of smartphones. Some smartphones last more than a day, even if it’s nowhere near as long as the weeks of standby offered by smaller and simpler devices.

In this guide, you’ll learn about the best smartphones for battery life and the most incredible feature phones that last longer.

Sony Xperia 10 III

The Sony phone is noteworthy since it has a 5G connection and a battery life (Battery size: 4,500mAh) that can last for over a day and most of the next. It implies that you may watch video on the six in. display for a very long time and still have lots of battery life due to the 21:9 aspect ratio, which is widescreen. Although better cameras may be found on other phones, they often have shorter battery life. It also boasts decent cameras.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

The iPhone 13 pro max, which Apple claims, has the most incredible battery life of any iPhone ever, outperforms all of Apple’s most recent smartphones in terms of battery life. It truly is tremendous, lasting the entire day regardless of what you do and even extending into the following day. 

Very good news, especially if you are a big fan of video games. The gaming industry is extremely effervescent, and the video games are better and better in every way. Top graphics, however, require a lot of energy from the devices, so phones with powerful batteries are in high demand regardless of whether you are testing your warrior qualities in Call of Duty, enjoying football with FIFA Mobile or maybe prefer casino games. Whether we are talking about live casino games such as blackjack, roulette & baccarat, poker online or the amazing video slots, the gaming experience has grown a lot in recent years, so more energy is also needed.

A larger size of 4,352mAh allows for a larger battery, but it also means it won’t fit tiny hands as comfortably. Apple consistently outperforms rivals regarding factors like camera quality, processing speed, display quality, and other factors. Additionally, there is a 5G connection, Apple’s incredibly straightforward UI, ceramic display, and stronger front glass.

Huawei mate 40 pro

Robust cameras and long battery lives are constant features of Huawei smartphones. Even with heavy usage, this phone has a battery life of well over a day. It is also a 5G phone. However, it truly shines in the photos and videos you can take, producing excellent images even in little (or virtually no) light. However, it is crucial to remember that the most recent Huawei phones, including this one, do not come with all of the Google Mobile Services, such as Gmail, Google Maps, or the Google Play Store. Instead, Huawei uses a more stripped-down version of Android and supplements it with its own apps, like the valuable Petal Maps and App Gallery.

Nokia G21

The newest smartphone from Nokia, the G21, has a battery life of three days, which is practically unheard of. The primary reason for this is the substantial battery drain caused by making a phone capable of playing video, operating GPS, taking enhanced photographs, and other functions. It will drain faster the more you use it. Despite the efficient performance of both Apple’s iOS and Android, it is still insufficient. The G21 has a unique super battery saver mode that enables you to specify precisely which functions to activate and which to disable to conserve power when the device is in use. Even though this phone is relatively inexpensive, it still includes three cameras, one of which is a 50MP camera.


The modern battery is considerably more energy-dense than its predecessors, meaning it can store a lot more power in a given volume. However, its also internal resistance is much higher than that of the older designs, meaning that its charge/discharge time is slower. However, considering the trend towards bigger screens, faster processors, and more demanding software, batteries are getting more power-dense again.


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