Best Selling Promotional Products: Use This Up-to-Date List Of Most Popular Promotional Products To Boost Your Business


According to a 2020 study conducted by Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), promotional products remain a highly popular and effective advertising medium for businesses. In fact, ASI claims that the data collected during the survey go to prove that promo products retain its place as the most cost-effective and high-impact publicity medium for business owners. Here are some numbers to support the claim. More than 73% of people surveyed maintained that they would prefer useful promotional items over other methods of advertising. Plus, 85% of them said that they actually remember the brands that handed out promotional products to them. (Adderall)

Now, as for the best selling promotional products, most of the standard popular promo products (writing instruments, desk accessories, bags, outerwear, T-shirts, etc.) continue to be the priorities with business owners of all ilks. However, in this post-pandemic scenario, some new items such as face masks, small hand sanitizer bottles and the like have found their way in the list of most popular promotional products for 2022. 

Now, the thing to remember about promotional items is that, in the first place, they should not be too costly (especially when we’re talking mass promotional items; you can, however, consider more expensive items for a select number of high-paying clients). Secondly, the items should be useful to the receivers and should facilitate a good amount of visibility. Finally, there is the need to get imaginative so that your items would make a favorable impression on your potential customers and clients. For example, it will make a stronger impact on your audience if you offer a tote bag with antimicrobial properties or an antimicrobial stylus pen. Similarly, it is always healthy for your business when you opt for environment-friendly items. 

Most Popular Promotional Products List

Face Masks

Courtesy the pandemic, the face mask has become pretty much ubiquitous these days. And, as it appears, they will stay that way for some time to come. According to the ASI study, face masks currently hold the NUMBER ONE spot in the list of all promotional items. An average mask receives more than 4,200 impressions during its lifetime. In addition, the item is quite an inexpensive one. Comfortable, decent-quality (those that will last a while) face masks will provide a lot of brand exposure these days and businesses can hand them out with every purchase (in-person or online). Additionally, one can request his clients to post a selfie wearing the mask on their social media profiles along with adding a branded hashtag. Remember what we said about being imaginative?!

Hand sanitizers have also gone up the ladder of popularity in the recent months. They are a little more expensive compared to face masks, but small bottles are still quite manageable. And they are again providing a lot of exposure to businesses since consumers not only use them at home, but also carry them around once they venture outside.


Another traditionally popular promotional item, branded drinkware continues to hold onto its popularity. Tumblers, reusable cups and the like are not only useful, but they also help reduce one’s carbon footprint since with those around, one will be less likely to go for reusable options. And as mentioned, environment-friendly products are especially appreciated by today’s consumers, and they will think better of your business when you use them as promotional items.  


For the most part, people are already out and about as the effect of the pandemic goes on wane. This means bags, a staple favorite as far as promo products are concerned, are back already and business owners are again heavily investing in them.

Writing Instruments

The ASI study informs that close to 90% of consumers own a branded pen or some other promotional writing instrument. As for pens, they come with an average lifespan of nine months. Accordingly, it is not hard to see why pens and other similar writing instruments are such a traditional favorite as promo items. They may not make for public visibility, but they indeed perform a splendid job of etching the image of your brand/business in the mind of the owner. 

USB Drives

Along with traditional items, smaller tech gadgets are fast gaining in popularity, too. And somewhat surprisingly (since we are very much living in the era of wi-fi, smartphones and cloud storage), the top spot vis-à-vis tech gadgets goes to the USB drives. Apparently, consumers still like these small gadgets that can be easily carried around and made use of even when there is no internet coverage. From the business point of view, it is also more cost-effective to offer USB drives than say, headphones or Bluetooth speakers (even though the latter became highly useful during these last years of pandemic). 

Desk Accessories and Calendars

Desk accessories always come handy as they help keep one’s stuff organized and tidy and these promotional accessories are retained, per the ASI report, for an average of 13-14 months. Additionally, they also make for great gift options for employees of a business. 

As for calendars, both wall and desk paper calendars continue to rank high in the list of most popular promotional items. Despite all the digital options available, people still like to check the date at a glance or mark important dates in a paper calendar. And this is often more convenient than setting up remainders and the like on one’s digital gadgets. 

Apparel and Outerwear

Last but not the least, outerwear and apparels of many different kinds (read t-shirts, hats, packable jackets) remain as popular (and effective) as ever as promotional items. Hats and T-shirts are the most popular and receive on average about 3,300-3,400 impressions during their lifetime. Jackets are a somewhat expensive option, but it actually evens out when one considers that a packable jacket receives, on average, about 6,500 impressions. 

The best-selling and most effective promotional products are those that consumers will use again and again. This means that apart from their usefulness, the items need to appeal to the customers as well. So, keep an eye on the changing trends, styles, etc., take stock of your budget, and stay imaginative and this will definitely help you find just the right promotional products for your business.

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