Xiaomi Smartphone With Monster 48MP Camera Launches In January

    New Xiaomi Smartphone
    Xiaomi upcoming smartphone with 48MP

    Xiaomi doesn’t seem to be backing down anytime soon, as they keep waxing stronger with any smartphone they release. Few days back, the Chinese mobile phone manufacturer was ranked No.2 in Gartner’s Global Smartphone Sales 2018 which confirms that Xiaomi brand is a force to reckon with in telecommunication industry.

    The company co-founder and President, Lin Bin, has revealed that the company will be launching a new smartphone in January that will feature a monster 48 mega-Pixel camera. He made this revelation on a snapshot of the upcoming Xiaomi phone he shared recently, while maintaining that the company is committed to delivering premium image quality in their smartphones. He posted a close up snapshot of the Xiaomi phone – to be released in January, he says – and the “48MP camera” label can’t escape the attention. Bin has used this phone for a few weeks and describes it as “not bad”.

    This goes to show that any brand that claims or brags of having the highest resolution mobile sensor ever can be outranked by another brand- just as Xiaomi will unseat the mighty Nokia 808 PureView with a 41MP sensor, the latest Huawei Mate 20 Pro with a 40MP sensor (quad Bayer) when fully launched in January.

    Though, brands like Sony has introduced their  48-megapixel  Sony IMX586 as the world’s highest-resolution phone camera image sensor in July 2018, Samsung followed suit with their 48-megapixel ISOCEEL Bright GM1 image sensor. Its mass production has already started whereas Sony had confirmed in July that it will be shipping samples of IMX586 in September. The snapshot above clearly shows that the upcoming Xiaomi smartphone will pack a 48-megapixel camera but unclear whether it will be equipped with Sony IMX586 sensor or Samsung ISOCELL GM1. This kind of sensors tend to improve image quality, but their high pixel count also enables high-quality digital zoom. I guess we have to wait till January.

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