How to Stop Emails Going to Spam in Gmail


Description: Clients report your emails as spam, and it affects emails you send to other people? Here is the way to avoid that. Try it now with a spam test and email test!

How Do Spam Deliveries to Gmail Impact You?

It is a failure to launch if you start your email campaign without using an email inbox tester to test email deliverability. You should first see if your emails would reach inboxes in the first place or not! You might have a reputation problem, and your emails could be going to the spam folders of receivers. Maybe it was blocked in the first place!

1)  Reputation

An email checker would tell you if google filters would count your emails as spam and direct it to spam folders or not. As a part of your reputation as a business, your email has a reputation score set by internet service providers and email providers. So, having a bad email reputation and not doing a spam test  means having a bad reputation for the whole company.

2)  Creditability

Think as a client would do, do you even open the spam folder? You know that emails there are probably scams or irrelevant enough to ignore them. It doesn’t matter how accurate or relevant your email is. Users may never see it. And that’s why businesses would run an email test before sending any.

3)  Wasted Resources, Wasted First Impression

Being flagged as spam would come at a cost; The costs of content, lead list, reviewing, sending, and more. That would all be for telling customers that your emails are spam!

That is risky as it leaves negative impressions on clients and is losing the marketing opportunity with the possible client that could be a sale.

4)  Emails And Domain Block

It could be worse! If you don’t use an email warmup service or an email checker while having suck a problem can cost you a block to your email by Gmail. In some cases, your domain might get blocked, and you won’t be able to send emails from your location anymore!

How Does the Spam Filter In Gmail Work?

You need to know how would the Gmail filter works to overcome reputation problems. Gmail filter will look for a few things in your email, content, the receiver’s nature and behavior, and more considerations. It might get complicated and a complex matter to understand how such an intelligent filter would work; But here is what you need to know:

  • Gmail’s Filter Will Check Your email

Any online email deliverability test would tell you if your email is flagged spam or not in less than one minute. Gmail’s filter has the same feature and recognizes your email as the email checker does. If your email is known as spam, your email will go to the spam folder in the receiver’s email. If not, your email would go to the inbox.

  • Gmail’s Filter Will Check Your Content

The filter will flag your email once you start sending only a few emails with the same content to multiple users. Gmail filter test emails you send to your clients. It is intelligent to differentiate between emails you send for purposes such as CCs and other purposes and multiple emails you send for different users in different domains with the same content. (

  • It Will Filter Your Lead List!

Whether using an email warmup service or not, Gmail’s filter will check your lead list. If there are duplicates, fake emails, bounces, or any irregular actions, it will mark your email as spam if it finds enough of them.

  • Bounce Rates

Imagine the number of emails you send on a graph. If you can see pyramids and bounces, then Gmail’s filter can see it too. It will flag your email before warning or blocking you.

  • Audience action

The filter learns from the audience. If you get reports, spam flags, or similar actions, the filter will do the same soon.

How to stop emails going to spam in Gmail? How to Pass a Spam Test!

Let’s go straight to the point. You want to send many emails;  without being reported as spam. Yes, sometimes your audience would all welcome your emails, and yet you get a negative reputation as any other mail that can be real spam, unlike yours! And that can be tested by an email checker or an email deliverability test. Well, let us review what we have here already:

  • You need to send many emails.
  • It might not be as customized as it may require.You want a positive result in the email inbox tester.

Imagine one more bullet saying:

  • Gmail and users don’t flag you as spam.

That would mean that the problem is solved. It would mean successful emailing, and your audience has your email in inboxes. But how to have this bullet and succeed when you test email deliverability?

Run an Email Test

An email warmup service is for checking your content, lead list, and reputation score. It is the first step before starting to send your campaign email to avoid waste of resources. There are applications and websites to test emails and tell you important information at proper timing.

Stop emails from going to spam

Double Check Your List, Double Check Your Content

It is easier now since you understand what the Gmail filter or any similar filter would probably think. As a first step, you want a clean list that contains no errors that will cause bounces and mail delivery failures. You want a list that is clean of duplicates. A list that doesn’t seem to the filter or any email deliverability test that you are sending random emails to random users.

And you want your content to be as customized as possible. Use different Subjects, Bodies, greetings, attachments, and anything you can set varieties.

How to Use an Email Check Tool

It is simpler than you may be thinking. You only enter your email address to get your reputation score and whether your emails go to inboxes or spam folders. And there are many other options in many apps for detailed reports.

What to Do if You Fail an Email Inbox Tester?

Firstly, you need to understand why. Why would you have such a score? Is it because of the content? Users are not interested and flag your emails? There might be multiple reasons for such a failure in the email checker, and you should learn how to avoid its causes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to run an email test now?

There are many websites and applications to use for that purpose. There you will find an email for you to send an email to it. Then the email checker would assess your email, content, domain, and more analysis in different applications.

What is the best reputation score can any email has?

100% is the answer. But you will be fine if your email has a 95% or above. Your emails would go to inboxes and not spam folders of the receptionists.

What are the features of an email warmup service?

That depends on the application or the website you intend to use. Email warmup service should include checking your lead list for duplicates, errors, and other problems. It should tell you if your email or domain has any deliverability issues. It should test sending one email, giving you analytics before starting to send the mass amount you are planning to send to all of your customers.

How to customize my content to an acceptable level?

Once again, when it comes to customization, think of the receiver. You want to do your best to make clients feel you sent this message personally to them. And only to them.


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