Need A New Android Game? Try Into the Dead 2

    Into the Dead 2
    Image Credit: Pikpokgames

    If you love the zombie and shooter affair then you will like this game.

    Memories already rolling of the experience I got playing “Zombie Plant” immediately I got to try the game.

    Just like the other zombie-killing games I have played before, I could start feeling the rush in no time. I love it.

    Into The Dead 2 is produced by PikPok and it’s available for iOS and Android OS.

    It will be fair to say the concept of the game is not new; just a typical zombie-killing game with the aim to reach the end without getting killed. You know the drill.

    You react quickly, shooting the zombies before they get to you. In the game, you will have to find your way through cornfields, train tracks, and bans.

    On this horror journey, you are going to have the fun of unlocking components and other things. At some points, you will unlock weapons, also, will upgrade already unlocked weapons.

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    Just like in many other games in this category, where the currencies are silver and gold, where you earn them and in turn use them in acquiring new weapons and making upgrades.

    There are 2 modes in the game: The story mode, upon completion of levels in the story mode, you are rewarded with more tools to use in the course of playing the game.

    Each level takes little time to complete, so you can still find time to take away the tension without wasting much time.

    The survival modes are a little longer as you aim to go as far as possible and you can compare your overall score with other players and earn bragging rights.

    Since the weapon here is the guns, you will find a variety of them in the weapon menu of the game.

    There are options to buy weapons, each weapon cost $9.99 which is rather too high maybe not totally.

    You can also watch an advertisement to unlock more weapons.

    Just as expected, the beginning is really easy but gets tough as the level advances. You might need to buy better weapons to be able to pass these stages or you will be very persistent which will mean a lot of trial and failure.

    Another thing is finding ammo when needed, the ammo is supposed to be picked up on your course while completing a level but this is not always so.

    You have the option of choosing a dog as pet, fun right? Yes, it is. Well, the dog helps you kill zombies but can be unreliable at times as it might skip some zombies. These zombies can crop from behind. Making them very dangerous.

    Pretty game and addictive as I found it difficult to resist when I started playing. The developer clearly wants you to buy to complete the game hence the difficulty in the later levels.

    That’s not surprising as most free games will require purchasing lives or weapons at some point.

    You should try it out and have fun.


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